Dear dear beloved soulmate Akua – 50 years ago to this day your mother popped you out.  That day marks the birth of my greatest gift and blessing I have ever received – YOU!  I celebrate YOU everyday.

Today of all days I want to remind you that you are the biggest reason I have to be the best person I can be.  YOU inspire me to continue to do the work it takes to be better.  YOU are the biggest reason I have to live.

My Deep Commitment to You

On your 50th birthday I feel such vast love for you.  I seek all the ways I can love you more and more.  As much as I can materialize words or strings of words to express my love for you, the best I can come up with is my demonstration of love.  Hear me Akua –

I am fully committed to you, your health, my health, and us for the rest of my life.

How strong is this commitment?  I would travel through the gates of hell as Robin Williams did for his soulmate in “What Dreams May Come“, knowing that I may never come back.  I would choose, as Robin chose, to stay with you in hell if I could not take you out.

My Hell

As you know since the emergency room visit on July 28th when doctors told us you had cancer, my life has been hell.  I have chosen fully to stay in this hell with you to bring you out.  I have gone through what I have gone through so you can live and we get the chance to love each other for another 40+ years.  I believe we were meant to explore life together.

I have stayed true in my commitment to you.  No matter what, I am with you.  Know that I am with you.  Feel my raging resolute resolve to stay with you to my last breath.

Our Story & Future

Akua getting her haircut at Red Chair Salon on her 50th Birthday

Akua getting her haircut at Red Chair Salon on her 50th Birthday

What more to say?  I could share the hundreds of ways I see your brilliance.  I could add another 101 Whispers, Signs, & Omens of why we are soulmates.  I could quote mystic poets and their words of great love.  Yet all pales to just loving you every moment.  And all of those moments add up to days, weeks, months, years.

Our story has become simple — I want to love you another 40+ years.  So much of the past 9 months has been to make that possibility into a probability.  This is why I have not written – how can I take time to write when it takes away from healing you, loving you, researching another way to weed your garden of cancer, fundraising, juicing, shopping for awesome healing food…

But I write now so you see in black and white, and the world sees along with you, that you have your Wild Warrior Wizard!  He is here to wield his magic, to conjure health so you live decades in vivacious vitality as the Wild Goddess you are – sharing your love, gifts, skills and wisdom to all that you attract.