An approach that harnesses the power underlying all healing, growth & transformation (ACCEPTANCE) whereby you ignite personal POWER & HEALTH, & live your PURPOSE!

The Paradox Cure In A Nutshell

The Paradox Cure Is:

My life’s work!  After 20 years of searching, I answered a question I had had since age 17 – what drives all growth, healing and transformation?  My answer is The Paradox Cure — an anti-therapy transformational approach based on acceptance with an evolving set of tools that swiftly aid you to move through what stops you anywhere in life.  You experientially learn to accept & align with your essence, power, health & purpose.

The results – you claim your personal POWER & HEALTH! You experience less pain, more pleasure, more energy, health, vitality, inner peace, and drop into your KNOWING and inner authority. And much more.


The Paradox Cure is NOT therapy, and is NOT a personal growth modality!  It is simply an approach to accept that which you resist.  This is anti-personal-growth and anti-therapy because The Paradox Cure does not force growth by some formula, system or programming.

Instead of trying to direct and program our growth, The Paradox Cure takes the middle man out of personal growth (modalities/ programming/ systems) so the body, psyche and soul can do what it knows how to do best – Heal, Grow & Transform!!!  The Paradox Cure has us stop our resistance so we can accept – then our innate wisdom and drive to evolve happens naturally.

When we get out of our own way, we grow and evolve how we are meant to, versus a contrived programmed method that so many personal growth approaches press upon us.

You are in resistance where ever you are:

stuck; experiencing trauma; have chronic or acute pain; have dis-ease; blocked from your personal power or feel disempowered (this often shows up as depression over time); have an emotional issue that doesn’t resolve; act on auto pilot with behaviors; addictive in anything; are not getting what you want in life.

Again, The Paradox Cure aids you to accept that which you resist.  I hold a space for you to acknowledge and accept that which you resist – I show you how you resist, what you resist, and give you the opportunity to give up your resistance to accept.  It’s not only way cool, it is quite magical!

The Paradox Cure Deals With Many Issues

The Paradox Cure addresses a range of issues, because when you learn how to stop resisting you change anything more effectively, swiftly and with longer lasting and more meaningful results.  Here is a list that might surprise you of what The Paradox Cure can address:

  • Physical pain, dis-eases, issues
  • Emotional pain
  • Being stuck
  • Mental issues
  • Spiritual issues, crisis, angst
  • Societal issues
  • Political issues
  • Humanity issues
  • Crime fighting issues
  • Conscious Evolution issues
Anyone can do The Paradox Cure — yes, with the condition that they are at least willing to explore their resistance, even though it might be scary.

What Methodologies Is The Paradox Cure Similar To?

NONE!  Someone asked me what The Paradox Cure is like.  It is my unique approach that is NOT like anything else.  That is why The Paradox Cure is UNIQUE.  I am not just writing ad copy that is misleading.  I write what I mean, and I mean what I write.   Unique is unique.

At times it CAN look like any of the following, but it is NOT any of these: Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Core Energetics, Self Accepting Healing, Hakomi, bodywork, Transpersonal therapy, aspecting, dialoguing, NLP, Shamanism, talk therapy, body centered therapy, active imagination, cognitive therapy, hypnosis, energy work, Reiki …

Again, The Paradox Cure is NOT any of these modalities, and I often refer to The Paradox Cure as an anti-therapy, anti-personal growth approach.

If you want to know more of what The Paradox Cure is about, you can:

  • Read about it here on my website, blog, articles or information resources I will provide soon
  • Attend one of my Paradox Cure Anti-Personal-Growth Transformation Circles (see Events page)
  • Listen to a radio interview given by Jennifer Hillman (when I upload it, I will link here to it)
  • Invite me to speak to your group (I request a minimum of 25 people and it is complimentary at this point)
  • OR trust that I tell the truth of what I write, and I deliver the results I promise
  • OR trust others that have raved about The Paradox Cure

Why The Paradox Cure is so Different

The Paradox Cure goes against many personal, familial, societal and global beliefs (Life Rules).  The Paradox Cure tells you to run towards your pain, where most beliefs and personal growth paths tell you how to get rid of your pain, get away from your pain, or change your reality.

The Paradox Cure advocates to actually run towards your pain to face it.

For example, I have a friend who came to me expressing his sadness and anger that he was not a good lover.  I said yes, you are not a good lover.  My acceptance relieved him, and then he shared how everyone in his support network (friends/ men’s group/ co-workers) all tried to tell him that his reality was not so.  I had him run towards his pain by affirming it, accepting it, NOT resisting it.

Once he accepted he was a horrible lover, he was able to turn his personal resources of time, money, energy and creativity into learning to become a good lover instead of putting a lot of energy into that denial, that resistance and never address it.

How I Birthed Paradox Cure

One of my greatest life achievements is that I answered a question I had at age 17 — What drives all healing, growth, and transformation?  I focused about 20 years of my life to get that answer, which I uncovered in 2003.  The answer – ACCEPTANCE.

From that point forth I gave up dozens of methodologies and approaches I had learned and simply facilitated my clients with what I now call The Paradox Cure – my approach based on Acceptance.

Within one session I could assist my clients to access their core wounds, blocks and issues that thwarted them from living their purpose with great personal POWER & HEALTH.  Now it takes less than 20 minutes.

My life is about bringing that answer to my community and beyond.

A Deeper Cut of The Paradox Cure


ThePARADOX of The Paradox Cure is that to change something, we must accept and run towards the very thing that we resist, don’t like but want to change.

Running towards what we resist, our pain, our hurts, our wounds, our fears, is the path of ACCEPTANCE.

Hence the paradox — the very things we want the most – being fully alive, feeling good, and creating and enjoying a great life is had when we run towards exactly what we don’t want – pain, hurt, wound, fear.

Examples of the PARADOX:

Perhaps you believe you are a bad person/ lover/ spouse/ employee.  If you want to change that, you must first run towards feeling all the ways you believe you are a bad person/ lover/ spouse/ employee.  Then you need to claim your personal truth of all the ways you are a bad person/ lover/ spouse/ employee.  Only then can you really change your beliefs and your reality.

It doesn’t help you change anything if everyone around you says the opposite of what you believe!  Those people are only denying your reality, and adding to your resistance.

If you come to me and say, “I believe I am worthless.”, then I will agree with you and have you tell me all the ways you believe that.  I will help you feel all the emotions that go along with how you believe you are worthless.  ONLY then can you actually claim your truth without resistance that you are worthless.

Once you no longer resist your belief that you are worthless, can you stop giving “worthlessness” energy and move on.  Get it???


TheCURE of The Paradox Cure is that it ends many psychological conditions and dis-ease of the body.   It often restores many facets of health as it cultivates extraordinary vitality.  In addition, it is a valid path to change MANY problems of the world, including perennial challenges of being human.

Definitions of a cure:

  • The procedure or treatment that ends a disease or condition, such as a change in lifestyle, or even a philosophical mindset that helps end a person’s suffering
  • Inherent in the idea of a cure is the permanent end to the specific instance of dis-ease
  • Restoration to health
  • A solution to a problem

EVERYTHING would change for the better if people explored The Paradox Cure view, then use its power and simplicity to heal, grow and transform themselves, thereby changing their reality and the world!

Too many people it seems, live shadows of what they could live, because they rarely if ever claim their truths.

Winning in Life

The Paradox Cure is a paradoxical approach to winning life — however you define winning in life – whether that is being awesome, creating a life you want, experiencing the goodies in life way more – health, intimacy, community, family, success or purpose.

Paradox Cure Interview Questions

What's the main problem, as you see it, with personal growth techniques?

Actually personal growth techniques do work.  The question I ask is, “why are personal growth techniques not vastly more effective, swift, lasting and meaningful?”  They SHOULD be!  Most personal growth paths contain underlying beliefs, habits and fears that teach or promote resistance.  I call these beliefs, habits and fears – Life Rules, which we unconsciously learn.

For example, one personal growth organization talks a lot about story (our collection of beliefs), and how nothing has meaning and there is no meaning that there is no meaning.  In effect they are saying that story is whatever we make it.  What if other things exist that are affecting or influencing us?  Or what if our story holds many lessons for our soul and psyche, but if we ignore these lessons by dissing the story, we  just cover up underlying problems?  This IS what happens!

Another example is how many personal growth paths teach how to positive think and not pay attention to anything negative.  What if what is negative is what you resist, and by not paying attention to it, IS actually paying attention to it?  I have seen so many of these examples.

Bottom line — most personal growth paths are about resistance, and NOT allowing our magnificent essence to show itself and shine.  Most personal growth tools are a form of resistance, and when you want to change or develop your self, you have to unlearn the tools so you can eventually ACCEPT, which is what drives all healing, growth and transformation.


How did you develop The Paradox Cure™?

My journey in developing The Paradox Cure started at age 17 when I had my first spiritual awakening.  In that awakening I came to know my purpose — to heal, grow and transform my life, and assist others in doing the same.

At the same time something unknown and unseen gave me the knowledge that an underlying authority existed that drove all healing, growth and transformation.  I searched for it, investing considerable personal resources to find this, and finally uncovered it around 2003.

That authority that drives all healing, growth and transformation is ACCEPTANCE.  I birthed The Paradox Cure, a unique approach to harnesses the power of acceptance.


What is the wildest thing you ever tackled using The Paradox Cure?

I have not been challenged yet 🙂  Seriously, nothing seems that wild to me to use the power of The Paradox Cure.  I believe I could apply The Paradox Cure to such issues as long-term life in space, or peace in the Middle East, or help a politician get re-elected more easily, or solve crime challenges, or develop psychic abilities more quickly, or make special military training more effective, or live longer.

Do you work on yourself with The Paradox Cure?

Yes I do.  However, as you learn about The Paradox Cure you understand how common a particular and powerful type of resistance is that I call “FOG”.

This type of resistance is a layer of unknown.  When we explore an issue and encounter a layer of unknown, or FOG, we go foggy, yawn, forget what we were exploring, feel drawn to do something else or anything else, feel pain, lose energy, space out etc.

That happens to me, and I hope as I train others, they can help me work through my “FOG”.


A Harbinger of the Renaissance in Personal Development

Whenit comes to healing, growth and transformation (personal development) it seems we are in the middle ages, but not yet in the Renaissance.  Through my lens I see that personal development can be WAY MORE swift, effective, lasting and meaningful –  different from what is usual now.  I have identified 6 common problems with personal growth paths below.

The Paradox Cure is a radical solution to those problems that most personal development paths contain hidden within their approaches, and offers a vast level of effectiveness  — similar to how different transportation via a car is to transportation via a space shuttle.

The Paradox Cure is an approach for humanity’s future – experiential tools that harness the authority that drives growth, healing & transformation — ACCEPTANCE.



 is a radical approach to consciously evolve through its foundation of ACCEPTANCE!

6 Common Problems With Personal Growth Paths & The Solutions

1 — Remain unconscious of underlying motivational forces

We need an approach that encourages exploration of our stories as well as tools to choose stories that empower us.

2 — Program away our humanity

We need an approach that trains us to embrace our humanity through exploration and awareness, not programming.

3 — Seek out optimal performance goals

We need an approach that teaches “long term optimal performance”, taking into account all aspects of life.

4 — Lack of communal & environmental stewardship

We need an approach that encourages community and environmental stewardship.

5 — We should control what we can control

We need an approach that trains us how to uncover the consequences of our choices and actions.

6 — Who or what has the wants?

We need an approach that reveals our true desires and passions.