2 yearsago on July 28th I sat on my bed at home at 3 in the morning, feeling the worst I ever felt in my life, crying over the real probability that my soulmate and life partner would die from Stage 4c (terminal) cancer in a matter of weeks.  I had just come home from the hospital after spending 16 hours with my beloved and discovered that melanoma had returned to create wrenching abdominal pain and nausea in Talyaa.

Even though every doctor said Talyaa would shortly die, through massive action, out-of-the box thinking, intensive research, 12 hours/ day work, and so much more – WE BEAT CANCER.  We got rid of all her brain tumors, and all but 2 tumors in the body which are ⅓ the original size and disintegrating according to the CT & MRI scans.

How did we do it?  I am reluctant to share how we did it.  Why?  Because so many people can beat cancer, but hardly anyone is willing to do what it takes – even though it can save their lives.  Seriously!  People say they will do anything, but when the rubber meets the road, they WILL NOT do what it takes.

What It Takes To Beat Cancer

This is some of what it takes to dramatically improve your ability to have a higher quality of life with cancer, live longer, and even BEAT CANCER.  I can’t promise these will work, but it is what we did and MORE.  If you aren’t willing to do at least this, then in my opinion, you have much less chance of beating cancer.  To beat cancer, it takes EVERYTHING you have and more.  The reason why so many people just die painful deaths with cancer is because they are not willing to do what it takes.

  1. Change your closely held beliefs of how you think the world works around the medical system, financial system, politics, sexuality…
  2. Ask for massive help – ask for money, raise money, get people to come care for you
  3. Massive emotional processing, healing and clearing issues
  4. Take 160+ supplements/ herbs/ pharma per day
  5. Hire full time help – even if you don’t have money
  6. Only do full time healing – your only job is healing
  7. Say NO to the doctors, experts, most alternative health practitioners, and well meaning friends
  8. Do not rely on alternative professionals that only recommend their treatments (herbalists recommend herbs, acupuncturists recommends acupuncture) – alternative approaches are very weak and only a small part of the big puzzle
  9. Do not rely on medical community/ doctors for their approaches are too strong and kill the body’s innate ability to do what it knows how to do – beat cancer
  10. Intervention therapies – such as off label use of pharmaceuticals – because once the body has cancer, it is severely compromised and needs massive help to regain its healthy functioning
  11. Exhaustive research
  12. Eat and drink vile things, giving up almost all food you have ever eaten
  13. Learn to do medical treatments such as give IV’s
  14. Feel like shit and like you are dying for well over a year
  15. See little progress for over 1-2 years
  16. Travel to do intensive workshops to transform oneself including one’s sexuality
  17. Create a compelling future, even if you have never had one
  18. Terminate your isolation – become social
  19. Uncover your purpose – seriously, if you don’t know it you have to get it!
  20. Get medications from other countries, and supplies from non-traditional routes
  21. Avoid clinics as most of them actually are scams, and not that effective
  22. Take 100% responsibility for your health – you most likely don’t know what that means if you have cancer
  23. Learn to be angry, channel your anger at others when appropriate, and say NO to many people, loved ones, family, friends and medical professionals
  24. Stay away from anyone that doesn’t accept or support your beliefs
  25. Do so many things you have never done before such as coffee enemas, giving yourself shots, dealing with your sexuality
  26. NOT doing traditional medical routes and being able to use the medical system for its advantages, while saying NO to many doctors that will pressure you into doing their particular treatments, saying you will die if you don’t do what they say
  27. Fire almost every doctor you see – only using doctors for their diagnosis, NOT treatment then get second, third, fourth and fifth opinions (though you might use some medical treatments, it will be on your own terms, not theirs – there is a place for medical interventions as we used some quite well)
  28. Examine your entire life
  29. Get rid of many friends that really have only colluded to disempower you, then make friends with people that hold you accountable, in integrity and in your personal POWER which are few and far between
  30. Sell assets, retirement funds, and dip into rainy day funds – cancer IS the rainy day and retirement NOW
  31. If you are rich, you have a harder time because you can afford fancy doctors that will only share medical routes
  32. Learn to use agency resources, community resources, national resources

Even if you do all of this, you might die…  there are no guarantees…

Why I Don’t Want To Share

By My Side As I Save Self CancerWhy I have avoided writing all of this is I found that the only people that approached me for help had already done a ton of medical treatments only to be told they were going to die in a few months or weeks.  At that point it is almost too late, for they have killed their body’s ability to deal with cancer with harsh medical treatments.

However, they still would have a chance, but they would have to do even more than I listed above, including hiring a second full time person and undergoing so much pain that they would probably rather die.

And for the people that did consult with me that had not done exhaustive medical treatments really were not willing to change their beliefs, and went ahead with further medical treatments or alternative treatments.

One of my friends went the full medical route, and the doctors told her that the cancer is gone.  LIE!  LIE!  LIE!  Even those of us who are very healthy have all types of cancer, but the body deals with it.  Those who are diagnosed with cancer and told it is gone, really have the cancer but cancer doesn’t show up with current medical tests.  However, often it comes back with a vengeance.

So, what do I say?  I have written a 50 page book, just the beginning of a much larger book, and I still don’t know what to say to people that want to beat cancer. I am up against huge disempowering beliefs that almost everyone buys into such as doctors must be listened to and are the only ones that know.  Or alternative doctors must be listened to and are the only ones that know.  NO.  NO.  NO.

Do I really want to deal with all of the projections people will throw my way when I tell them to have a chance at being successful they have to do ALL of the above?  AND MORE!!!

Personal Power

I saved my soulmate’s life.  I fucked through walls to do this.  I said NO to doctors in my face saying I was basically allowing my wife to die by not doing their treatment.  I had to be a bulldog in asserting our rights with various agencies, and hospitals.  And I did all of this while in very bad health and debilitating pain.

I learned a few things about Personal POWER.

The biggest thing I learned is to stand up for my personal truth, no matter how many experts, friends, loved ones tell me I am wrong or I must do this or that.  My core, my inner authority and compass are quite alive and well.

I can look any of those doctors that almost killed my wife in their eyes and say,

“Never tell me MY personal truth, nor anyone else’s.  I know mine, and I know something you don’t – how to beat cancer.”

For more info our how we beat cancer, and how you can, see “Life Genesis Program™“.  I am for hire 🙂