Robin Williamstook his own life, which disturbed and saddened me deeply.  I never met Robin.  I never talked with him, nor hung out with him, nor crossed his radar where he would have known I even existed.  Yet the times I witnessed and laughed and cried at his genius on screen, on stage or in interviews left me feeling as if I knew him.  But I keep asking myself why am I so deeply saddened about someone I never knew, met or saw in person…

Because he touched me deeply.  His genius in the roles he played towered over many comics and actors, which brought me closer to my humanity, to my essence.  Because he gave that gift to me so many times, touching my essence, he inspired me to be more of me.  Through movie screens and tv monitors he reached out and made me want to live more fully.

I Would Have Helped

Robin Williams Laughter 1AND he cared.  I believed he would have cared if we would have been friends.  Even if we briefly met, and I was hurting and reached out for help while he was there, I am sure he would have helped.  I just KNOW it.  According to his real friends, he did just that – he cared deeply and reached out when he saw people hurting, or in need.

I would have helped if given the chance.  I would have gone out of my way to hold him in his hurt, and hold space for him to move through his pain.  He had given so much to me, I would have jumped on a plane and freely given him my gifts of healing, growth and transformation in a heartbeat if he had just asked.  If I knew him and had known he was hurting, I would have demanded that he let me hold him in his pain.

He made a difference in my life.  Those many precious hours immersed in his movies made a difference to me – what he brought to life inspired me, made me laugh and cry, and had me think and feel that the world was a better place, better than it seems to be so much of the time when I am depressed, down and hurting.

In my hurt over losing him, I am a little angry that he didn’t reach out, but this is me being selfish.  I selfishly wanted him to live for decades more, because he made my world a better place.

Robin Williams & Personal Power

What does Robin William’s suicide have to do with stalking my Personal POWER?  When I conjure all of what Robin gave to me through the years, I am struck by the meaning of his life on mine, and the difference he made with how I felt my personal power:

Robin Williams gave me laughter to get through hardship and challenges of life, and hope and inspiration to become a better person.

When Robin took his own life, he abruptly ripped my spiritual and emotional cords to the idea and archetype of being larger than life and endeavor to be more.

His actions left me with – how can such a kind and brilliant man that gave me laughter, hope and inspiration end his own life, obviously void of laughter, hope and inspiration?


Move Through Pain By Running Towards It

Bobcat Goldthwait, Robin WilliamsCould I have made a difference?  I believe that my gifts (The Paradox Cure™) of holding space for anyone to stop resisting their pain by running towards it, accept it and move through it as they come into greater acceptance, peace and pleasure with themselves would have made a difference with Robin – possibly THE difference.  I have done it for too many people to not believe it.

Yet I know that to be able to aid anyone, they have to want help.  Perhaps Robin was beyond wanting help – perhaps he was just in too much pain to see any other option than dying to stop the incredible pain he felt.  Probably.  But I would like to have had the opportunity to try as I am sure so many tens of thousands would have helped Robin if given the chance!

Why I am wondering if I could have made a difference?  I felt deep sadness and powerlessness in hearing that he took his own life.  And I don’t want to keep feeling powerless.  I want to do what I can to assist people to move through their deep pain.

This is my journey of stalking my personal power – to put my gifts out there, because I believe people don’t have to live with pain all their life.

And I don’t believe people that say there is nothing that can be done once someone makes up their mind to kill themselves.  I just don’t!

I believe that Robin just didn’t have access to get through his pain.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Robin, I feel a great missing now that you are gone.  You will live on for me as you reach out through the monitors and screens to give me laughter, hope and inspiration.

My life is in service to aid people to move through pain. If you are in pain and not getting through it, PLEASE contact me! Seriously, you don't have to suffer!