My dreamsgave me another directive – see “The Edge of Tomorrow“.  I rarely go out to movies anymore, but my dream compelled me to go.  My directive communicated this movie would impart a KEY message on my Odyssey of Stalking My Personal Power.  It did just that.  One powerful moment presented itself that summoned strong emotions as it became a peak life experience. I observed and more importantly felt KNOWING – a critical aspect of personal power to cultivate, understand and live.

A Moment of KNOWING

After Tom Cruise’s character, Major Cage, dies thousands of times, he KNOWS most everything that will happen around him – from what people will say, how they will move, what aliens will attack where and how.

The day comes where he finally gains knowledge of how to win the war on aliens, and has his final mission in sight.  By this point in the story, Cage has fundamentally changed and evolved.  Before, he was not a soldier, but a fearful and self-absorbed public relations guy, refusing to go to the front line to be embedded as a reporter.  Now he has a KNOWING that goes beyond just knowing what will happen minute by minute.

The moment that riveted me is when Cage, on the day he finally knows how to defeat the aliens, makes an unreasonable request for more armaments.  The errand soldier does not question Major Cage, because the soldier and the audience know Cage KNOWS what he is doing.  His entire body and eyes communicates full KNOWING.  I witnessed great KNOWING emanate from his being.

Cage talks with full confidence and brevity, as he acts with unwavering focus from KNOWING.  People around him give him what he wants even though he makes unreasonable requests, because they get that he KNOWS.  He ignores threats all around him as he KNOWS what the true threats are, which he meets with brutal terminating force.  After handling each threat, he moves quickly on in a clear direction KNOWING where he is going, fully inhabiting his body, moving with informed committed finality.


Cruise in ActionCage demonstrates a much deeper KNOWING – a KNOWING of one’s place in the world, a KNOWING of where one has come from, and where one is at and where one is going, present in each moment of time.

Bottom line: Major Cage has cultivated great personal POWER.  His KNOWING flows from that personal power.

I have experienced people in real life that possessed and lived with a deep KNOWING:  Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi,  The Dalai Lama, a Maori shaman family of healers, select facilitators and leaders of personal growth and transformation workshops and some leaders in my men’s groups and Mankind Project.  These all are people of personal power, with a KNOWING.

Other ways I have come across KNOWING:  the rabbi that asked me in a business seminar, “What God do you serve?” in answer to my question, “what is my niche?”; the shaman facilitator in ISTA that kept telling us from his KNOWING that all of us participants had the ability to be in our power, ease and freedom.  And no matter how much we tried to have the facilitator give us answers, he kept insisting that we had the answers by asking us, “What is your answer?”; and my high school senior year “Religious Quest” studies professor who had a doctorate from Harvard University, leading a class on deep personal reflection and examination of our deeper truths.

What really is KNOWING?  My Apple dictionary says knowing is:

  • showing or suggesting that one has knowledge or awareness that is secret or known to only a few people
  • done in full awareness or consciousness
  • the state of being aware or informed: have a good command of (a subject or language)
  • have personal experience of (an emotion or situation)

This is knowing.  However, deep KNOWING is different.

Deep KNOWING is felt on many levels, and goes beyond the intellectual, beyond words, beyond beyond.


How?  How do I or how does anyone get this KNOWING?  It turns out I already have some of those answers.  And I get that more answers will come in time, and I will share them as it is part of my life purpose.

I KNOW my purpose.  And after feeling my KNOWING, I get that to cultivate greater KNOWING I must trust the KNOWING I do have and drop into it.  In other words, I must trust what I already KNOW, and feel my body’s Magnificent Inner Compass™ and purpose to guide me to greater KNOWING.

AND to not doubt my KNOWING.  However, I also KNOW I must stay open to new data that may contradict my current set of beliefs or current level of KNOWING.

Since I have dropped more into my KNOWING, my world and how I experience it has shifted dramatically.  But that is to share in an upcoming post, and to share in groups I will announce next week where I experientially share my KNOWING as The Paradox Cure… (cue in music of Carmina Burana)