Remember,men coming up to the mountain have waited centuries for us, for this opportunity.   One man shared this after I sat in a circle of 19 men for 2 ½ hours.  Much was said, a lot organized and many things figured out to initiate over 30 men into manhood.  Near the end of the meeting, a man spoke his truth about the meaning of the initiation for men to come.  Tears welled up as I felt the truth spoken.  Let me explain.

KNOWING for Centuries

I initiate men into manhood along with 60-70 other men staffing through Mankind Project.  Many wounds that stop men from their personal power are healed and deep healing processes begun.  Some wounds are passed down 7 generations, and this is how men coming to the New Warrior Adventure Training weekend have waited centuries.

HourglassWow!  For the past decade that I hid my gifts, the Paradox Cure, I thought about all of the marketing I would have to do someday.  And educating and enrolling people into what I offer.  That was not from my KNOWING.

This is from my KNOWING –

Some men and women have waited centuries to come to me, where I hold a space for them to finally accept things they have resisted, so they shine their magnificence and live their purpose!

What a precious gift this one man gave me.  I had forgotten the power of what I offer.  In this remembering, I got that I don’t have to push energy out to the world in my marketing.  I need to simply rest in my KNOWING of what I offer, and offer it.  Quite a difference.


As I stalk my personal power, I continue to own my KNOWING – where I have been (life story), where I am at (deepest personal truth in the moment), where I am going (purpose).  Since I have dropped deeper into my KNOWING, my world and how I experience it has shifted:

  • I am more focused
  • More often ignore threats that don’t matter, and deal with real threats then move on
  • Feel KNOWING in my body – particularly my voice becoming more resonate, deeper and flowing from my diaphragm.
  • Feel way less charge when people do not get the significance of what I offer with Paradox Cure/ my gifts
  • More able to acknowledge fear in the moment – running towards it and owning my personal truth behind the fear
  • Take more action

What would your life be like if you realized men and women have waiting centuries for what you offer?  What if?