SPIRITUAL WASTELAND — On November 3rd 2005, I walked away from tending my spiritual land when I chose to embrace and be consumed by Argentine Tango. I discovered years later Tango lacked what I needed to nurture and grow my spirituality, and thus found my spiritual land in waste.

Over an eight year stretch I gave up the ways I tended my land – men’s work, reading books and magazines, New Age music, lighting candles, long walks, downhill skiing in high altitude snow covered mountains, my psychotherapy practice, yoga, workshops, seminars and retreats.

Eleven months ago I wrote how I needed a spiritual enema, but only found out how much waste rotted in my land – I had focused all of my energy and resources solely on being a warrior to heal and transform my soulmate’s health (stage 4 cancer) and mine.

On Wednesday July 17th 2013, I awoke with great surprise to inner peace, joy, and pleasure throughout my body. Usually I feel the opposite of all that.


What happened? I had just completed Source School Tantra Teacher Training Level 1.

Tantra, as taught by Charles Muir, instructed me in dozens of specific ways to cultivate, move, and direct life force in me, around me, and with others. How? Breath, meditations, yoga, movement, sound, right thought and action, intentionality, presence, mudras, yantras, mantras, chakra healing, LOVE and other methods.

BOOM! Spiritual enema received. Woosh!

But way more is needed – more than just moving my energy. I need something that sustains and builds my emotional being, rejuvenates and invigorates my MOJO, and enlightens my soul and purpose.

Tantra does all that as an exquisite path that masterfully attends to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms WHILE in connection with people and community – an exalted path with heart. And it has probably saved my life.

However, and this is a big “however”, I must own this path. It is not enough to do a little yoga now and then, or breathe only when I remember, or receive deep healing in my sexual and emotional psyche and body – I must embrace and consistently apply the millennium-tested tried and true methods.

Charles Muir is brilliant in his teaching and coaching on this path, and has imparted and transmitted tools that work – when used …

In Tantra, something grand has come my way – a family, a loving community and my tribe!!! This gift is so full of Love, MOJO and Wonderment. Mark these words.

Now, something FANTASTICAL this way comes … Tomorrow – August 20th, 2013 …