MYbeloved wife, soulmate and supermate, Talyaa Liera, is home safe and recovering! Talyaa easily left the hospital 43 hours after surgery completed because of doing her intensive and extensive protocols (67 different supplements and 3 coffee enemas daily, body centered therapy and more)!


However, my beloved is in a dark and depressive place. She doesn’t know who she is (spiritually). She hardly feels any emotions though she knows they are there. She experiences many sensory inputs differently where smells and tastes are different, walking is strange, her vision is more double at a distance.

My beloved denies connecting with her surgery – totally understandable! And EVERYTHING is bad and hurts. Talyaa is in a global doom – a sure sign of heavy depression. Ouch! I am loving her the best I can, though I fail at times and have to breath a lot.


As a skilled body-centered trauma specialist, I let her know (and all of you) that she went through a highly traumatic event and in time she will need to process/ sequence this through her body. However, it is important to NOT process right after the trauma.

I hold a space for her to not have to do anything, be anything, feel anything. I promised to not ask her to do much of anything for a week other than her medical, function and alternative recovery and healing protocols.

BUT – being the therapist/ trauma specialist I am and have been for over 20 years, I often ask her questions that have her connect with her experience instead of being in denial. I must censor myself from doing this to support her healing – so HARD!

MUCH AHEAD (Don’t read this paragraph Talyaa)

Though I don’t want Talyaa to focus on any of what is ahead of her, I do focus, research and plan for Talyaa living vibrantly with me for 40+ years. My plan that involves massive mobilization of many healing protocols with medical, alternative and functional approaches. Combining the best of these approaches is why Talyaa is alive 3 years after she was given 2-4 months to live.


Talyaa has Gamma Knife treatments in just 2 weeks, then immunotherapy infusions. And we must get all the mercury out of her mouth. We desperately need funding for this – it is anywhere from about $5,000-$10,000 (depending on the need for crowns) to get it out with a biological dentist that will remove it safely without doing massive harm to her.

We should have done this years ago, but we never raised the funds. Here is our fundraiser to do that and more:…


It feels good to me and Talyaa to hear from all of you with loving thoughts and messages. We would love for you to join our Christmas in July virtual facebook event:


Love and hugs to you all! AND Yes, we ARE planning a book of our journey to inspire and educate people to conquer cancer, Grow Big Love and live more fully. Everyday for us is a huge gift to have another day to love each other and witness our lives together.