PAIN & DEBILITATION — My body has failed me in so many ways through great pain, injury, limitations and loss of movement, aches, sickness, life-threatening illnesses, birth defects, traumas, and wounds.  Here is a snapshot, in just the past 18 months, that my pain and resulting debilitation created my private hell.

  • 3 broken ribs
  • Neck pain so bad that for 6 weeks I needed a neck brace and many nights could only sleep 4-5 hours and could not turn my head
  • Sacrum usually sore, weak and on the verge of giving out, AND when it did give out I fell to the floor in excruciating pain and consequently for 3 days laid in bed only able to crawl when I had to to use the bathroom
  • Badly sprained my toe
  • Injured my metatarsals where 2 months later (still ongoing now) I wake every morning to severe pain when I put weight on them for the first time for the day (even though I use gel padding)
  • Moderate to severe depression as I spoke to in my last post
  • Poisoned daily by heavy metals from my 2 metal full hip replacements where consistent pain wracked my inner groins on both sides, which has made walking up the stairs so bad I often avoided going upstairs while I planned my daily activity around avoiding climbing stairs or walking
  • Rotator cuff pain that prevented me from lifting my arms for 2 months without a lot of pain and also prevented months of practice in my healing martial arts
  • Repeated shoulder girdle pain that prevented me from much upper body movement and several times had me lying on the ground teary eyed
  • Lost some eyesight where I can’t see closer than 15 inches (was 6 inches) and an astigmatism became bad enough that I discovered that I even had an astigmatism for the first time
  • Severe brain fog where I have often lost focus, even forgetting what I was doing
  • Strong memory challenges where it took me from 3-15 seconds or longer to recall names for thing
  • Great digestive upset that made me bloated and just so tired, that I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything and I dreaded eating knowing how bad I would feel
  • Frequent nauseousnes
  • Great aching, stiffness and pain upon waking where I dreaded getting out of bed every day as I expected an onslaught of pain, because I usually did
  • Knees frequently gave out where I buckled under my own weight in shooting pain
  • Feeling I had to urinate almost all the time while actually peeing 20-25 times a day

Do you get the idea???  Overall severe debilitation. I have felt so raw and vulnerable, because I have been.

And to experience all of this while healing my soulmate of her stage 4 cancer? AND while I had to research and figure out what would really work to heal an illness that few survive and hardly anyone really knows how to heal? WTF!!!

Now I am grateful for so much – my hell could have been worse – I could have lived in a country where I didn’t have access to safe water, or didn’t know where my next food is coming from, or bombings were regular, or I was not free… But I still experienced my own private hell.

However, within 3-12 months through my radical healing program I shifted some of my pain and debilitation where: I have lost 34 pounds, pee only 10-15 times a day, don’t dread eating anymore, have almost 3 times the energy, NO major depression and only short bouts of mild depression (which is quickly becoming less) … and other shifts occurring now …

What shifted my hell? I discovered my body had not failed me, but I had failed my BODY. I stopped failing my body!

Now, something FANTASTICAL this way comes … In 6 days …