My Approach To Heal, Grow & Transform

A comprehensive approach that works with the whole being of a person – where I investigate underlying needs to align, accept & express your magnificent essence.

The Magnificent Six Life Realms™

Physical Realm - BODY

I AM Vitality –> health; personal energy level & its management; body acceptance

I CAN Clear –> organize & feng shui your living & work spaces; handle environmental influencers to support your vitality & lifestyle choices

Emotional Realm - HEART

I AM Desire –> Own your desire, your core passions & express them; feel & differentiate pleasure vs. pain; feel, accept & direct your emotions without judgement; feel & express your sexuality w/o shame, guilt or fear; live from a feeling place vs. thinking place

I CAN Connect –> Connect with significant others, friends, family & community; know & connect with tribe; make meaningful contribution to your communities; run towards all feeling especially pain, hurt & fear

Mental Realm - MIND

I AM Filters –> Aware of your beliefs: know what hinders or helps you; consciously choose what beliefs to hold, change or drop; break life rules

I CAN Focus –> Focus your personal resources (time, $, energy, imagination); make meaningful plans through Clarity, Alignment, Direction, Support (C.A.D.S.™)

Spiritual Realm - ENERGY

I AM Meaning –> listen in to your self: know & choose your values; consciously create meaning of your life by authoring your story; employing the use of your imagination; know your Magnificent Bliss List™ – a generated list of what you FEEL is most important for you to build & experience over your lifetime – leave a legacy

I CAN Trust –> how you connect to everything outside of you: your spirituality; your personal cosmology

Action Realm - ACTIVITY

I AM Consciousness  –> how alive you feel; how on purpose you live; how you define, align and follow through with your personal integrity; your ability to make choices from your inner authority using your Magnificent Inner Compass™

I CAN Commit –> follow through on taking action to manifest what you want to create; manage your money resources; – job, career, life’s work; personal accountability

Time Realm - EXISTENCE

I AM Being –> full presence & awareness in current time vs. past or future; beliefs dealing with time (Experiencing Kairos = time it takes for a flower to bloom)

I CAN Do –> your efficiency with time; schedule life vs. life scheduling you (Managing Chronos  = clock time)