Life Genesis Program™

An Integrative Program To Cultivate Amazing Health & Even Beat Cancer

A View On How To Beat Cancer

Soulmate’s Words on What I Do

The best resource I know of is my husband Dave. He’s now helping people with cancer professionally, because with all we had to learn in the past 19 months, how could he not share this information?

I am alive now and thriving in large part because of him and his approach to healing. We both did massive research but he put it all together for me.  What helped me most was bridging the two worlds of western medicine and alternative healing, taking the best of each.  Dave is also skilled in:

  • Healing beliefs and emotions (that’s his previous background), which contribute to the manifestation of cancer to begin with
  • The massive array of supplements needed to support the body
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Bridging the two worlds of medicine and alternative healing
  • Medical/ patient rights advocacy
  • Logistics and time management to set up basically a clinic environment in the home like we did
  • Detox and pain management
  • Teaching people how to evaluate their research and make solid choices
  • How to be a caregiver and life giver
  • How to support your caregiver/ life giver
  • Fundraising
  • How to get best medical advice and attention from western and alternative approaches
  • Create a compelling future (the will to live)

He gives up to 30 min free consult — he can give them info on things to do right away and give an overview of direction to head in so they don’t spin their wheels trying to wade thru the internet looking for info. What’s out there is hard to find, confusing, and not very well organized — so his clients benefit from the work we did to wade through all that.

Talyaa Liera

Selection Criteria To Choose How To Beat Cancer

It takes so much to beat cancer – massive swift action, highly competent direction, radical time management, raising funds, healing and clearing deep emotional wounds, changing your life and the ability to say NO to a lot of well-meaning people who will only support their view of dealing with cancer which is usually quite unhelpful.  Below are some of my selection criteria as to some critical aspects needed for any program you choose to have a higherchance of success.

Bridge Western Medicine & Alternative Healing

Most Western medical approaches aren’t that effective and harm the body while attacking cancer, but most alternative healing approaches over promise and under deliver – they are very weak.  However, it is best to combine the best of both worlds where the body’s defense and healing systems are rebuilt while dealing with cancer.


Every aspect of being human effects every other aspect.  If one aspect of being human is left out, your reduce your ability to beat cancer.  I present my model of how I make sure every aspect of our lives are taken into account to attend to all aspects of your health – the Six Magnificent Life Realms™   Click on “Change Your Reality” to check out the Life Realms.

Pragmatic – What Works In-The-Field

Sometimes things just work, even though we don’t understand why.  Other times research might say something works, and thousands of people think something works, but I have found out that it doesn’t work in-the-field.  Find out if something actually works in the field – don’t assume something beats cancer just because many people think it does.  You could end up wasting critical resources on worthless supplements, drugs, or “cures”!

In-The-Field Cancer Pioneers

You must have access to people in-the-field that have beat cancer, and rebuilt health with a number of approaches.  You don’t have the luxury of time, money and energy to try a number of approaches – you will die if you don’t use what works!  Therefore get access to cancer pioneers.  But “buyer” beware – many supposed experts running clinics just drain your money with little results.  There are better people than that!

About The Life Genesis Program™

Unique Program Aspects

Bridges Western Medicine & Alternative Healing & Is Integrative

I use the totality of what I have found to influence our ability to cultivate extraordinary vitality, including many approaches from the West and East, different schools of thought, and my unique approach I uncovered – Paradox Cure.

Uses The Paradox Cure Approach

I use the foundation of what underlies all healing, growth and transformation (Acceptance) in all my recommendations.  This gives greater access to your own body’s wisdom and ability to beat cancer.

Pragmatic – What Works In-The-Field

I only direct people to what has worked for many people as an option to explore.

Uses In-The-Field Cancer Pioneers

I direct you to anyone I believe that you need to beat your cancer.  Though I am newer to beating cancer, I am not new to the integrative approaches to build extraordinary vitality.  I continue to expand my network of awesome in-the-field cancer pioneers.

Resources To Save Time, Money & Energy
  • Website links – cutting-edge information
  • Templates I designed – organize what you have to do and when, so nothing falls through the cracks AND saves precious time
  • Links to supplements and important products – on Amazon and some third party sites so you can quickly and easily order while knowing that you are getting the right product, at the right quality needed and at the best price available (I consistently update this to reflect the changes in quality, price & availability)
  • Latest version of my book – I give information you need to quickly research make choices to create and implement your personalized healing program
  • Access to quick answers – I make myself available to deal with your questions so you don’t have to spend extra time and energy getting answers

How The Life Genesis Program Works in 6 Life Realms

As much as the body might be a manifestation of our beliefs, emotions, energy management, spiritual approach, and actions in the world – our body is still a conglomeration of many biological processes that NEED to dealt with.

I know of people that think visiting a healer or guru can change the physiology of their body and its cancer condition.  Maybe.  BUT do you want to take a chance that some guru will heal you without dealing with the physiological processes as well?  Also, are you willing to take the chance that healing from a third party will work before the cancer gets the better of you?

If you have beliefs that all you have to do is some “energy” work to heal your body, I believe you are not giving yourself the best probability and chances to beat cancer.  Why not do both?

This program guides you to do almost everything you can to deal with your physical condition, rebuild your health with alternative and conventional approaches, as well as engage in energetic and spiritual approaches that fit by your beliefs.  I encourage broad exploration and massive action!

  • Food
  • SuperFoods
  • The Almighty GI Tract – Digestive Aids/ Digestive Healing
  • Methylation & How Its Genetic Defects Can Doom You Unless Handled
  • Detox Strategies
  • Immune System Boosters & Cultivators
  • Galenicals (Herbs)
  • Hormonal Aids
  • Targeted Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals – Strategic & Targeted
  • Synergists:  The secret that the western medicine approach avoids
  • Heat as a synergistic aid
  • Medical Tools
  • Pain Management
  • Health Indicators
  • Alternative Health Professionals
  • Body Movement Through Integrated Wisdom

Some people believe that emotional healing and clearing may be the most important part of your program to reclaim your extraordinary vitality and magnificent health, and possibly rid the body of cancer in a matter of weeks.

I believe when a person radically shifts their emotional patterning (emotional realm), or radically shifts their belief systems (mental realm), or radically shifts how they relate to everything other than themselves (spiritual realm), miracles are possible.

However effective emotional healing and clearing is, what I know is that I have witnessed thousands of people heal and clear emotional issues and their health has radically improved.  Also, the quality of their lives increased in dozens of ways.

However, radical shifts aren’t so easily made when we resist change.  I use the Paradox Cure approach that facilitates you to quickly heal and clear emotional blocks and wounds, faster than anything I know of yet.

  • Uncover & Live Your Core Passions
  • Emotional Healing & Clearing
  • Terminate Isolation – Gather with Family, Friends & Community
  • Manage Emotions and Energy
  • Support for the caregiver/ life giver with a guide to understand what someone with cancer goes through, their emotional roller coaster, their life changes ahead of them, and how to support the cancer patient to make their own choices for their healing program – taking full ownership of their life

When the C-word is uttered, people shudder.  Cancer evokes victimhood, powerlessness and dying a horrible death.  What cancer evokes is because of the beliefs people hold.  It is time to examine and carefully choose your beliefs.

How you view anything (your perspective) is simply a collection of beliefs that you are conscious of or not.  You could view cancer in a number of ways, but whatever your view is, it has PROFOUND consequences that determines your level of success or failure!

Your beliefs determine all the action you take on your journey to deal with cancer.  This why I start with this section of the Mental Realm.

This program of building Extraordinary Vitality has you uncover your beliefs around cancer, health, healing AND choose what beliefs are helpful and give up beliefs that are limiting.

  • My View of Cancer – The Paradox Cure View
    • The Magnificent Human leaves no room for cancer
    • Why a Fantastical Odyssey
    • Be A True Rebel & Break The Rules
    • Advocacy: Be A Bulldog
  • Let’s Get Real About Your Journey
    • Cancer acts as if it has artificial intelligence
    • Cancer ravages the body & mind
    • What it takes to Survive cancer: Bad News
    • What it takes to Survive cancer: Good News
  • Treat Cancer
    • A Simple view of treating cancer
    • An integrative systems approach
    • Take ownership
    • Dosages/ Recommendations/ Choices
  • Ongoing Massive Research
    • Get several viewpoints
    • Do your homework

Your spiritual beliefs contribute to your will to live, and what you live for.  One factor that stands out that contributes to those that survive, cope or thrive with cancer is this:  having something compelling to live for – a compelling future.

However, creating a compelling future can be out of reach for most people as they battle for their lives.

It was extremely challenging for my soulmate and I to even think of having a future, much less create a compelling future.  We had been so depressed and hopeless.  For a long time Akua’s focus was just finding strength to follow through on her healing program, as that was all she could do most days.  She was so fatigued and hopeless.

For an entire year after we learned Akua had cancer, I was exhausted and overwhelmed.  My depression and hopelessness at times even went beyond Akua’s.  And here I was supposed to be the one to give hope to both of us.

In my Genesis of Extraordinary Vitality program I help you create a compelling future, if even for the simple motivation of having a will to live increased!

  • Ask, “Do You Want to Live or Die?”
  • Create the Will to Passionately LIVE
    • Create a Compelling Future
    • Laugh
    • Adventure
    • Live Your Purpose

The Action Realm is where the rubber meets the road.  Do you follow through or not?  How effective are you at implementing the radical changes in your life that you need to make to beat cancer?  How quick are you in making changes and taking action?  Do you know how to prioritize and stick to a plan?

How effectively you act can be the difference between life or death, misery or joy, success or failure, therefore I don’t leave following through on protocols to chance.

I support action through planning, accountability, templates for follow through, and motivational support throughout the program and its protocols.

  • Your action plan
    • Follow through Strategies
  • Financial Support
    • Fundraising
    • Money saving tips everywhere
  • Get Help
    • How to ask for help
    • Research Community Assistance
    • Secure Standby Help
    • Consider Trained Caregiver Assistance
  • Advocacy
    • in health care
    • in hospitals

Make no mistake about it – if you have cancer, you are in a race against time.  You MUST manage your precious time NOW.  A few weeks can and often has made a difference between life and death.

One of my mentors has helped hundreds of people reverse the course of cancer when they had just a few weeks to do so.  And yet, some potential clients of his said they would wait until next month to start on his recommendations, but in just a few weeks were overtaken by cancer and died.

I have no doubt that if they would have taken his recommendations and swiftly engaged in his protocols they could have reversed the course of cancer, or at the very least had months more to live.

In case I am not being clear:  Your probability of beating cancer and living depends greatly on how swiftly you create a healing program and follow through on all your chosen protocols.  How you manage your use of time in this endeavor is critical.

If you work with me individually or my online program (coming in the future), we begin day 1 with your beliefs AND time-management!

  • Radical time management to beat cancer
  • Tips throughout the program and healing protocols to be VERY efficient
  • Links to some of the best info on resources/ supplements/ approaches/ professionals so you don’t have to waste time on a ton of research
  • Templates and check lists so you don’t have to figure out how to organize everything, saving you a lot of time!

Two Very Different Models of Health – Wellness Vs. Medical Model

Wellness Model

The WELLNESS Model is based on attaining health, and acknowledges that the body innately knows what to do to get healthier, so we support the body to do what it knows how to do!  Wellness works to build health to get to 100% functioning by uncovering underlying health function, and working to increase its function.

The wellness model deals with the underlying malfunction, working to bring you to 100% functioning!

Note that each increasing level of interacting with the wellness model a person gets healthier!

A New Way of Looking at Symptoms/ Disease/ Wellness/ Health

Your beliefs around health determine how you address your health.  These two models, WELLNESS vs. MEDICAL offer very different courses of action and outcomes.

Any symptoms that show up is a signal that something is wrong! Something is malfunctioning! We don’t just try to deal with symptom relief as the medical model and most approaches do! Instead, in the wellness model we focus on the underlying causes of disease.

Medical Model

The MEDICAL model is based on dealing with sickness, and thinks that they body needs to be fixed by artificially treating symptoms which it believes is better than what the body can do on its own.  This approach results in increasing levels of debilitation, adding greater symptoms to then treat which continues the breakdown of the body’s functions.

The medical model does not deal with the underlying malfunction, only relieving symptoms, causing more symptoms to be relieved because more malfunction and debilitation is created!

Note that each increasing level of interacting with the medical model a person becomes more debilitated!

Increasing levels of


Increasing levels of


No Symptoms = NOT good health, but it is a good starting point.

Level 1


No Symptoms = A dangerous state to be in, but most people consider this to be “health”.  An absence of symptoms does not mean health!

High Energy = An individual has abundance of energy & regenerates well after a good night’s sleep

Level 2

Energy Level

Low Energy & Fatigue = Always feel tired where individual tends to self medicate (caffeine, sugar, etc.)  If individual stays this way will drop to a lower level of health (level 3)

High Immune Function = Individual doesn’t get sick very often, if at all & recovers quickly

Level 3

Immune Function

Pain/Sickness/Rundown = Always gets sick or has complaints & often seeks medical help. Usually on medications to feel better.

Cell Protection = Body recognizes abnormal cells & destroys them, keeping cell integrity

Level 4

Cell Integrity

Diagnosed Condition = Individual has a “disease” or “condition” where it is medical case – cell integrity has broken down.

100% Function = Body runs perfectly

Level 5

Overall Function

Serious Condition = Advanced breakdown of function where poor prognosis & may be terminal. Medical interventions recommended such as surgery, chemo, radiation…

You Can Beat Cancer

The YES & NO To Beat Cancer

YES, you CAN beat cancer no matter what anyone else says.  I guided my life partner to beat stage 4c cancer with brain mets in the face of everyone telling us she would die in a few months.

NO, it is NOT easy.  It will be the hardest thing you ever do in your life.

YES, many doctors, friends, health professionals will tell you your limitations.  Say NO to all of them.  Say YES to life.

NO, most people don’t have many pieces of the puzzle about what it takes to beat cancer.

YES, a few of us have MANY pieces of the puzzle – I am one of those people.

NO, you don’t have to hurt your body to beat cancer.  YES, it will hurt to rebuild your health, reverse the course of cancer, and heal and clear your emotional wounds.  NO, it doesn’t have to hurt for a long time.

YES, you CAN be more alive than ever – beating cancer is a motivator to radically change your reality, your life.

NO, there are no guarantees that you won’t die if you do everything you can to live.  YES, you can dramatically increase your probabilities to beat cancer – beyond what most people believe!

NO, no one else can do the work to change your life or reality.  Only you can do the work to change your reality, beat your cancer, and LIVE.

YES, I am in service to you to Change Your Reality, beat cancer and live as a MAGNIFICENT HUMAN!

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.

Richard Bach

Whether you think you can or you can’t — you are right.

Henry Ford

They can because they think they can.


Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated.  You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.

David Lloyd George