Heal, grow & transform through ACCEPTANCE as we deeply connect & witness each other claim our deeper truths of who we are — precious!

We Resist

We often resist all that is right within us…our MAGNIFICENT ESSENCE – our body & soul’s constant aim for extraordinary health, vitality, aliveness, ease & pleasure, & the yearning to express its purpose!

When You Stop Resisting

Once you stop resisting, making any change in your psyche/ soul/ life does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or even hours!  Click here for greater explanation of The Paradox Cure.

Your Opportunity

You have the opportunity to claim your deeper personal truths, which positively changes your life for the better in ways you may not even imagine.

Centuries of Waiting

Perhaps whatever stops you is an issue or a set of beliefs that has been in your family for generations, handed down through parenting and relating – hence centuries of waiting.  Some of you may have been waiting for The Paradox Cure most of your lives.

THE PARADOX CURE Transformation Circles

WHEN:  TBA  6:30-9:30 PM  Suggested donation $20+  LIMIT:  19 people, including myself & Talyaa

WHERE:  My home in  Cardiff, CA  92007

The Paradox Cure™ Is:

After 20 years of research, I answered a question I had had since age 17 – what drives all growth, healing and transformation?

My answer? THE PARADOX CURE — a transformational anti-therapeutic approach I both uncovered AND synthesized based on ACCEPTANCE. It swiftly aids you to move through wherever you are stuck and ineffective in life. You experientially access and learn how to effectively accept & align with your essence, power, health & purpose.

Making changes in your psyche, soul or life does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or necessarily even hours.

What We Do In Circle

We heal, grow and transform in community through The Paradox Cure approach – AND we get to deeply connect with each other in community by listening to each other’s deeper truths of who we are – precious!

THE VIEWPOINT:  I present The Paradox Cure’s concepts, distinctions, paradigm and knowledge – so you are able to get WAY MORE out of future personal growth work and have a greater ability to make any life changes more quickly.

I use multi-media to accelerate learning – short movie clips, graphics, handouts, music.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION:  I facilitate experiential exercises where you learn to apply The Paradox Cure in your body, psyche and current life situations.

You get an opportunity to claim your deeper personal truths and uncover what keeps you stuck or less powerful in life – core wounds, hurts and fears you resist and run from – and heal and clear what you resist.

HEAL & CLEAR:  A few volunteers get the opportunity to experience a deeper cut of The Paradox Cure that I facilitate. Everybody gets to witness and glimpse the power in accepting deeper personal truth.

In 10-20 minutes each individual uncovers what stops them in life and possibly even heal, clear and move through what they have not yet worked through in their life.

SATSANG:  The circle is similar to a Satsang, a Sanskrit word that means: company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth.

However, we are not dealing with THE Truth, but your PERSONAL deeper truth, whatever that is for you! We each have amazing wisdom, we just have to learn to connect, align and act upon it!

Topics & Issues Addressed

I am guided by people present as to which topics to address and experiential exercises to use.

  • Where you are stuck in life
  • Why you might be stuck, & how to get unstuck
  • How to deal with pain, chronic pain, & decrease pain & increase pleasure
  • Trauma – what it is, why it exists & how to deal with it
  • What is behind most dis-ease
  •  How to reclaim healthy function, vitality & wellness
  • Why personal growth, healing or transformation is effective or why it is not
  • How to speed up the effectiveness of any personal growth, healing or transformation modality & approach
  • Why you get blocked from your power or feel disempowered/ helpless (often shows up as depression)
  • How to reclaim your personal POWER & HEALTH
  • Why emotional issues don’t resolve & how to resolve them quickly and effectively with long lasting results
  • What creates behaviors that stay on auto-pilot & how to interrupt those behaviors to create new ones that work
  • What is behind most addictions, & how to deal with them
  • Why you might not be getting what you want & how to get it

Bottom Line  you claim your personal POWER & HEALTH!  You experience less pain, more pleasure, energy, health, vitality, inner peace!  Your life works way better!

It Takes Great Courage

It takes great courage to run towards that which you resist, deny, repress and run away from all the time.  And almost everyone around you joins in an underlying agreement to help you resist your deeper truth instead of claiming your truth.

Who really wants to accept their ugly truths or feel the pain of emotional hurts they have locked away for years or decades?  Who really wants to accept full responsibility that they have the power to positively influence or completely change the quality of their life and most things happening around them (change their reality)?

Our society everywhere supports us to not claim our truths, particularly when they are ugly.  Integrity, honesty, accepting full responsibility for one’s reality and claiming truth aren’t so easy to come by.

Have long have you been waiting to do this work?

My work is to serve you, your ESSENCE, with The Paradox Cure.