Interviewed in a series by Talyaa Liera

Where shall we start today?

I want to live in a magical place

I want to live in a more magical place, a place of possibility.  This magical place is about expanding my mind’s view and life perspective — that so much more is possible — going from a world of LIMITED options to almost LIMITLESS options.  Realize we are the creators of our experience and can experience so much more awesomeness in life.  I am talking to myself here too!

What makes this so hard to talk about is that I am referring to information that people don’t know that they don’t know.  I am referring to a model similar to the Johari’s window that contains three arenas of information:

  1. I know that I know
  2. I know that I don’t know
  3. I don’t know that I don’t know

Much that I offer exists in the largest category of all – I don’t know that I don’t know.  I can talk about benefits of The Paradox Cure.  However, because the best benefits live in this arena of information of you don’t know that you don’t know, there is nothing to relate the benefits to.

Magical Possibilities

What if a place exists where life is more “magical” — containing many more possibilities, possibilities that you don’t know that you don’t know?

It’s like balance on a bike.  It’s hard to talk about balance on a bike because balance is an experience.  Until one experiences balance, a person does not know that they don’t know balance.


Or take the concept of enlightenment.  That’s a good one.  The concept of enlightenment for many people is often a pursuit of a spiritual orgasm.

Enlightenment is an experience, it is not a spiritual orgasm, which is a romantic view about enlightenment.  Enlightenment is more of a sober waking up to the nature of one’s personal reality than any kind of euphoric state of bliss.

What am I talking about?  As I say these words, I realize I am attempting to communicate that an entire other world of experience waits for people when they stop resisting and accept their magnificent essence, their original nature.

However, I find it hard to use words to describe something that people don’t know that they don’t know.  I cannot adequately communicate the best benefits of evolving oneself consciously from principle of acceptance in The Paradox Cure.


This discussion brings up one word: faith.  Perhaps trust is a better word, but no — it’s not trust, it is faith.  Faith is believing in something that one cannot understand.  Someone could trust what I am saying is true and real, but not understand.

Faith is believing that something amazing and wonderful is possible while knowing that there’s no way to understand it until one experiences it.

I am reminded of the scene in When Harry Met Sally, when Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in the restaurant and the woman across the way says “I’ll have what she’s having.” Do people come to you because they think they will have an experience?

I can only talk of the past — seven years ago and before that, because I haven’t been actively offering my gifts on a large-scale since then.  I did have people come to me because they said there was something they felt I had, or they wanted something they thought I was experiencing.

I don’t think my life is a good example of demonstrating the benefits of what I offer yet because I need to work through my own demons around putting myself out while I offer The Paradox Cure.  The Paradox Cure works, amazingly so — my life not so good.  As I offer The Paradox Cure, which is my purpose, my dharma, I endeavor to accept my demons.

I hope people will look past the messenger of the Paradox Cure — me — and look at what The Paradox Cure offers.  Probably the scariest and most unreasonable thing that I could say is that The Paradox Cure offers a path to enlightenment.  I am not enlightened, but I offer a legitimate path to accept our own nature, a necessary part of enlightenment.

I meant that when people come to you, they are coming FOR an experience.  Because they have this trust, or faith, or however you call it, that they can really tap into their magnificent essence?

No, most people think they are coming to get rid of pain.  What I know is more accurate at a deeper level for others is that people don’t just want to get out of pain.  People truly want to FEEL and BE most ALIVE.

People don’t just want to get rid of hurt — they want to feel great!  They want to feel amazing, very alive.  Truly, I think that’s all anyone wants, at their core.

Another way to say what people want, is people want to experience themselves fully, the truth of who they are.

But isn’t that the very thing that scares most people?

That’s what people think.  They are mistaken.  People think being fully alive is scary.  What they’re really scared of is FEELING their own resistance to life — their pain.

It’s ironic.  People come to me wanting to get out of their pain, and the first thing they’re going to get working with me is their pain — thrown in their face in the kindest way I can.

The paradox of The Paradox Cure is that what people most don’t want, pain, is exactly what they must face to get out of pain.  They have to FEEL their pain.

There’s an old saying that speaks to this paradox: the way out is the way in.  Or, as Joseph Campbell eloquently explains in a stage of his Hero’s Journey model called “the belly of the whale

The belly of the whale represents the final separation from the hero’s known world and self.  By entering this stage, the person shows willingness to undergo a metamorphosis.  — Joseph Campbell

Bottom line — what people want they will get when they face their demons — what they are afraid of and what hurts them the most.

In fact, the fastest way I help anyone radically change and evolve is to uncover the scariest and most painful thing they have resisted all their life.  I can do that with most people in under 20 minutes, but few people are willing to rip the metaphorical band-aid off their soul and feel the strong sting of their hurts and fears – the band-aid of their own resistance to their magnificent essence.

What is a spiritual orgasm?

spiritual orgasm, or cosmic big O, is some huge blissful euphoric climax of “everything is now okay, awesome, great, I’ve achieved it, I’ve got it! now I’m done! I’ve made it!”  Most who are on a spiritual path falsely pursue a spiritual orgasm and don’t know it.

A Spiritual Orgasm

Enlightenment usually is about the spiritual orgasm, but endarkenment is the end to the pursuit of the spiritual orgasm, and accepting the darkness of reality — a void without lies and bullshit

Many spiritual seekers pursue this cosmic orgasm wrapped up in the words such as — enlightenment, truth, nirvana, or oneness with god.  This whole notion of enlightenment is usually a romantic fantasy in most seeker’s heads — fun to think about — but not what happens with enlightenment.

I’d rather call enlightenment — ENDARKENMENT.  Let’s become endarkened!  Endarkenment is about accepting the darkness of all of our bullshit and all the lies we tell ourselves.  When someone is endarkend they have stopped lying to themselves.  They claim their personal truth in all experiences.

Enlightenment is usually about the spiritual orgasm, but ENDARKENMENT is the end to the pursuit of the spiritual orgasm, accepting the darkness of reality — a void without lies and bullshit.  In this place, possibility is vast and magical.

How do you convince people to face their own pain?

When I am with them in person it’s a lot easier, because my conviction and my being communicates what they often recognize as their personal truth.

In other words, when someone hears me or another person say something that contains personal truth for them, hearing their personal truth triggers physiological responses.

When I speak someone else’s truth — that their way out of pain is to face their pain — and it rings true for that person, then that person knows it is their personal truth through their own body’s responses.  They know and their body convinces them to face their own pain.

Online it is more challenging, because everybody has their own flavorful, colorful, unique, scintillating ways of lying to themselves about what their personal truth is.

For example, if they read something I’ve written, it’s easier for them to lie to themselves than if they heard from me in person.   A personal connection, the in-person connection, makes it harder for them to lie to themselves — way harder.

My next step obviously is to video me helping people claim their personal truth through The Paradox Cure.

Then we are back to the woman who wanted what Meg Ryan was having, yes?  When people observe you helping others, they have a sense of what they can have for themselves?  Does this feel complete to you?  We came back to close a circle.

One circle is complete.  Yet another circle, to me, is incomplete.  That circle is — how do I best communicate that what most people are living is a shell of the magnificent life they could have?   It is through the lies they tell to themselves that keep people living a shell of a life.

I’m betting some readers going over those last words have emotion rise up in their bodies, for they can feel the spark of their own truth in my words.  When people are honest with themselves by stopping the lies they tell themselves, they understand they are living a shell of what is possible.

I believe just about everybody is living a shell of the life.  But, one can FEEL and BE most ALIVE.