DEPRESSION — Mind numbing, debilitating, life wasting, energy robbing, humiliating, daily depression descended as a black blanket blinding me to what being alive was ever like. Most of my adulthood I battled depression and lost.

Days would pass me by where all I could do was to stare at a wall for an hour or two, be indecisive of what to eat or drink, or what movie to watch. I often contemplated so many beautiful and meaningful contributions I wanted to make if only I had the energy.

Over a year ago, at age 45, I gave up any notion of having enough energy to help anyone in any significant way except myself. And I pretty much failed at that.

Then a year ago doctors of “modern” medicine labeled Talyaa Liera with stage four cancer. In their ignorance, these supposed experts threatened that my beloved, my greatest gift in the world, would die within months.

F you! F you doctors, and F you to depression. In the face of my illness, I chose to save my soulmate and engage in heroic efforts to overcome my depression. I gave myself no other choice than to show up as an authentic warrior and do the massive healing work needed to love Talyaa for another 40+ years.

I owned how ill I truly was, researched, reached out, uncovered and discovered what influenced and caused my sickness.

Birthed out of zealous action over 9 months – No more DEPRESSION!

Now, something FANTASTICAL this way comes … in 7 days …