Change Your Reality

I Initiate People Into Their Personal Power & Health So They Can Change Their Reality

The Magnificent Life Choice Assessment™

Whatdo you want to do with your life?  HUGE question!  When I see a new client, I ask them to deal with this question head on by completing a life assessment.  This is where I assess and help you get greater personal clarity, alignment, direction and support for a magnificent life – however you define a magnificent life.

This is my way to inspire and guide you to pierce illusions of your self-imposed limits so you can expand your personal power, cultivate your health, and change your reality!

Four Assessment Questions

1) What works?  What do you like?  What do you feel good about? What is going well?  What are you satisfied with?

2) What does not work?  What do you not like?  What do you feel bad about?  What is going wrong?  What are you dissatisfied with?

3) What do you want to change?  Do you want to change everything that does not work?  Do you want to make changes so things work even better?

4) What has supported you making big changes in the past?  Some examples are: friends, family, professionals, organizations, groups, seminars, classes, workshops, clergy, faith, spiritual practices, avoiding potentially big negative consequences

Guide to Answer Assessment Questions

Give details in your answers – if you write that your career works for you, get more specific.  Does the commute work?  Does your relationship with co-workers work?  Does the amount of money you earn work?

Also you may have things that work and don’t work in one area of your life.  For example, in your career, you may enjoy your relationship with your co-workers and bosses, but the amount of income you earn may not work.  This is OK – write down what works and does not work in each area of life.

I give ideas on exploring areas of life through my Magnificent Six Life Realms™  list below.

My assessment makes meaning and creates order out of the chaos of your life – giving you clarity, alignment, direction and support.

Expected Assessment Results

  • Greater clarity of where you are at in your life, what you want, what you do not want and what you want to change
  • Understand 1-3 ways that you resist that makes changes for you so hard or stop you from making changes you want
  • Identify support needed to make the changes you want
  • Identify 3+ resources that fast track you to make changes you want
  • Gain hope and energy to take the risks needed to make the changes you want

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The Magnificent Six Life Realms™

Physical Realm - BODY

I AM Vitality –> health; personal energy level & its management; body acceptance

I CAN Clear –> organize & feng shui your living & work spaces; handle environmental influencers to support your vitality & lifestyle choices

Emotional Realm - HEART

I AM Desire –> Own your desire, your core passions & express them; feel & differentiate pleasure vs. pain; feel, accept & direct your emotions without judgement; feel & express your sexuality w/o shame, guilt or fear; live from a feeling place vs. thinking place

I CAN Connect –> Connect with significant others, friends, family & community; know & connect with tribe; make meaningful contribution to your communities; run towards all feeling especially pain, hurt & fear

Mental Realm - MIND

I AM Filters –> Aware of your beliefs: know what hinders or helps you; consciously choose what beliefs to hold, change or drop; break life rules

I CAN Focus –> Focus your personal resources (time, $, energy, imagination); make meaningful plans through Clarity, Alignment, Direction, Support (C.A.D.S.™)

Spiritual Realm - ENERGY

I AM Meaning –> listen in to your self: know & choose your values; consciously create meaning of your life by authoring your story; employing the use of your imagination; know your Magnificent Bliss List™ – a generated list of what you FEEL is most important for you to build & experience over your lifetime – leave a legacy

I CAN Trust –> how you connect to everything outside of you: your spirituality; your personal cosmology

Action Realm - ACTIVITY

I AM Consciousness  –> how alive you feel; how on purpose you live; how you define, align and follow through with your personal integrity; your ability to make choices from your inner authority using your Magnificent Inner Compass™

I CAN Commit –> follow through on taking action to manifest what you want to create; manage your money resources; – job, career, life’s work; personal accountability

Time Realm - EXISTENCE

I AM Being –> full presence & awareness in current time vs. past or future; beliefs dealing with time (Experiencing Kairos = time it takes for a flower to bloom)

I CAN Do –> your efficiency with time; schedule life vs. life scheduling you (Managing Chronos  = clock time)

Dave with White Elephant Gift Toy

My Life's Most Hopeless Day...

Christmas day, 2012 – on that morning my soulmate and I questioned what we had to live for.  In great despair we faced a future where she could die from stage 4c cancer, after endless days of efforting to utter exhaustion by the massive work to research, create,  implement and evolve our radical healing program.

Later that day at a Christmas party we realized the importance of community, and from that point onward we engaged in community more consciously.  My joy is obvious as I play with a toy blimp – a White Elephant Christmas gift.

Inspiration or Desperation

Human motivation appears in two basic forms — Inspiration or Desperation.

The Universe grants you the power to choose either route.  If you do not take action out of inspiration, eventually you will be forced  to take action out of desperation.  Action out of desperation is not what you would voluntarily choose.

By not taking action you submit to failure, regret and suffering.

By taking action you birth results, learning, and life.

Which route do you choose?

How many times have you heard professional speakers, writers, teachers, parents or friends say how much you have a choice?  What they don’t usually say is this — choice is worthless unless AND until you take action.

If you realize how much better your life would be in making a different choice but do not take immediate action, nothing changes and you live in desperation.

So choose — a life of inspiration or desperation.  It IS your life!

Dave Donatiu