MYbeloved supermate, soulmate and wife  Talyaa Liera is back! She’s able to read, write, understand, converse, joke. Around 2 am she talked for about 20 minutes.

Yes- it was scary for 2.5 hours as she was unresponsive and had her first seizure. Even the surgeon was a little concerned about the lack of responsiveness. When Talyaa found she had a seizure she declared one more thing she could check off her list!


You all rock! Sending the loving messages felt great to me and Talyaa. In particular it helped tremendously to read of some of your experiences with seizures and brain surgery. Seriously, I felt so supported and so much better knowing that Talyaa wasn’t going through anything dangerously abnormal.

I am so overjoyed at seeing Talyaa awake, comfortable, communicating easily and asking for what she wants for me to care for her.


We hope to be home by Friday night. She is actually quite healthy due to all of her functional protocols to conquer cancer. She should heal quickly. The nurse said she was the easiest patient she ever had in terms of little nausea, little pain, easy sleep, no issues (other than a seizure), and a husband in service to her. 😊. I stayed at her side the entire time and will make sure she is fully cared for!

Love and hugs

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