7/8/15  1:30 PM  BRAIN SURGERY underway – tumor coming out

MYbeloved wife, soulmate and supermate Talyaa Liera is now in surgery. My body trembles with fear. I just can’t help it. All the great modeling of vagus nerve activation that KamalaDevi McClure has modeled still doesn’t cut it. I’m clear that my beloved is in good hands with a world class surgeon dr Duma yet I’m just scared.

They are opening up her head – cutting into her skull. Moving parts of her brain around. I’m not even sure what I’m scared about. 3 hours til I find out the results. ……

From my heart I focus on her radiant light, and all of you who are sending love, heart, light and loving thoughts our way. Please continue to do so, and let me know if you are sending any juju our way. Talyaa will read it later.


The pics are of Talyaa right before surgery; Dr. Christopher Duma, surgeon; and the anesthesiologist, Adam. A strong leadership team to care for my beloved!


PS Our new fundraising site!

— feeling anxious with Talyaa Liera at Hoag.

7/8/15  6:48 PM Great Surgery

My beloved wife, Talyaa Liera, had a great surgery. Everything out that needs out. No permanent damage likely.



However she had her first seizure. Fucking scary even though I knew what it would look like. When I first saw her, she just looked at me but no response. 7 min later her first seizure.

Doctors tell me we need to wait 1-2 hours to see if she gets conscious and responds. If not then other things done.

I so love my beloved. Keep the prayers coming. And I’m thankful my friend Aarya Colleen Carolan is with me.

— feeling worried with Talyaa Liera at Hoag Hospital Nicu.

7/8/15  8:11 PM YAY!!!

Talyaa Liera is doing GREAT! Fully responsive! She is now sleeping. I’m so thankful she is resting, snoring! Yay!

 — feeling thankful with Talyaa Liera at Hoag Hospital Nicu.