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My Part In A Grand Story — Why This Blog Part 2

I want this blog to be my personal journey — on FEELING most ALIVE. I’m starting from a place of waking up to how dead I have been. I judge that I should be way more awake and a disbelief, still, of how I could have lived for so long suffering, hurting and oblivious to my own pain. I want this blog to support me to play a role in a grand story — epic, mythic, magnificent!

The Lies I Told Myself — Why This Blog Part 1

I really resist claiming my truth of what a hard place that I’ve been in most of my life. I had been telling myself a lot of lies. My biggest lie of all was that I was going to change by walking the same path as I had for decades, even though I had not changed. In accepting my lie and claiming my truth I got it was too hard and painful to continue to lie to myself anymore.

What If You Knew The Secret To An Awesome Life?

What if the secret to life is to uncover your purpose, FEEL it, and LIVE it? Uncovering one’s purpose is very hard because people make it hard. People resist life. They squirm against life. They try to wiggle out from underneath life. We are indoctrinated (beliefs), programmed (habits), and conditioned (fears), to resist life. But when people FEEL their purpose, they light up. They come alive. They exclaim, “Oh my god, I had no idea!” And they often cry.

What Makes Life Hard — Our Biggest Problem

We are mistaken. We believe that something is wrong with us. What is more accurate and vastly more helpful is that we resist all that is right within us, who we are — our brilliance, our heart, our magic, our love, our imagination, our Soul, and most importantly our deep yearning desire — a desire stronger than anything else on this planet — to FEEL most ALIVE!

Dredging Vs. Spiriting: 13 Warning Signs of Health

I believe there are two ways to go about engaging in personal change work: one method I call Dredging, survival approach, is to focus attention on wounds, weaknesses and what is wrong. We try to fix things with this approach as if something is wrong. The second method I call Spiriting, a thriving approach, is to focus attention on our dreams, strengths and what is working in our lives. Here we follow our purpose.

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