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LOSS — Now, Something Fantastical This Way Comes … In 4 Days …

LOSS — As I faced my second greatest fear – the thought of losing my beloved – loss overtook me, numbed me. In the last 18 months I lost more of importance than I had over my entire life. I thought there must be an ocean of tremendous grief, but I could only feel the shell of a person in shocked numbness.

WORTHLESSNESS — Now, Something Fantastical This Way Comes … In 5 Days …

WORTHLESSNESS — “Do you want to die?” I asked Talyaa Liera my soulmate, shortly after doctors gave her months to live with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I realized I was working way harder at healing my beloved than she was.

I told her that even though my agenda was for her to live, I would ONLY support HER agenda, which on her present course was to die.

Save Talyaa Liera

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