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Stalking Personal Power – The SOMEDAYS That Never Come

Every SOMEDAY-that-has-never-come dissolves, demolishes and destroys my personal POWER! You see, with great excitement, I wanted to announce today that after a decade I finally …… BUT my debilitating and intense back pain of 6 years has seized my thinking to only dwell on how SOMEDAY I will have the financial resources to hire all of the alternative and medical professionals to change my reality of debilitation and pain. Another SOMEDAY-that-has-never-come!

Stalking Personal Power – KNOWING

My dreams gave me another directive – see “The Edge of Tomorrow”. I rarely go out to movies anymore, but my dream compelled me to go. My directive communicated this movie would impart a KEY message on my Odyssey of Stalking My Personal Power. It did just that…

Stalking Personal Power – Achieve Escape Velocity

Several dreams in the past 3 weeks have awoken me, imparting compelling directives to change my life, my reality. I have acted on every directive, including the biggest – “Stalk Your Power!!!” A few nights ago my dreams shouted, “Achieve Escape Velocity!!!” – escape the gravitational pull of a decade of not sharing my gifts, and the massive negative consequences.

Stalking Personal Power – The Yoga Body

Every now and then a yoga teacher imparts something that applies to life in a big way. Josh at Core Power Yoga in Encinitas, CA talked about the classical Mysore approach to vinyasa flow where you don’t try to go further in asanas (postures) than you have done in the past. You just do them while being present to what your body needs – not going beyond your body’s limitations.

Stalking Personal Power – The Journey Begins

I just proclaimed to the world wide web that I am stalking my personal power. No “JUST” about it. However, I don’t have many ways of staying on course without outside help. Entropy takes over, so putting my journey out to the public is the best support I have access to. I intend to mark my progress.

Personal Power – Dark Night of the Soul

At the last stage of my Dark Night of the Soul in the Hero’s Journey, I make my final colossal attempt to cross the threshold of adventure and return to this world with gifts to share from my adventures over the past decade. How do I know I am at this threshold? I am ready to die, as I recently acknowledged I had very little – little hope, little money, little health, little desire, little community. Let me back up.

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