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People frequently say, “I don’t know how you do it?” – referring to how I deal with terminal cancer, pain (intense health protocols) and the constant threat of death. I didn’t know how to answer until last Thursday after a co-facilitated (wife and me) Paradox Cure process of exploring how I deal with it.

Stalking Personal Power – The Power of Robin Williams

Robin Williams gave me laughter to get through hardship and challenges of life, and hope and inspiration to become a better person. But when he took his own life, he abruptly ripped my spiritual and emotional cords to the idea and archetype of being larger than life and endeavor to be more.

Stalking Personal Power – We Beat Cancer

2 years ago I sat on my bed at home at 3 in the morning, feeling the worst I ever felt in my life, crying over the real probability that my soulmate and life partner would die from Stage 4c (terminal) cancer in a matter of weeks.

Stalking Personal Power – Ghosts of Power

I felt a flood of emotions, accompanied by a surge of spine-tingling energy, trembling, heat, and deep heartfulness as I stood among legendary airplanes and space craft in American history. Only about 2 dozen other times in my life have I felt this distinct sensation, and that was around ghosts and unseen entities. I shuddered. I teared. I breathed deeper. I fought to not outright cry, as I thought I would lose it right there in San Diego’s Air & Space Museum.

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