About Me – Dave Donatiu

I aid people to move through what that stops them so they claim their personal POWER & HEALTH, & live their purpose!

My Life’s Work

The Paradox Cure™

Oneof my greatest life achievements is that I answered a question I had at age 17 — What drives all healing, growth, and transformation?

I focused 19 years of my life to get that answer, which I uncovered in 2003.  My life is to bring that answer to any and all who want it.

The answer is The Paradox Cure, a unique approach based on ACCEPTANCE with an evolving set of tools that swiftly aids you to move through what stops you from accepting & aligning with your essence so you claim your personal POWER & HEALTH, & live your PURPOSE!

My Background – C.V.

To keep track of all of my training and experiences over the years, I kept a file.  Here is most of it.

Academia, M.A.

M.A. — Regis University — Counseling Psychology

Avalon Institute  — Jungian, Archetypal and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Full grad of master’s level program
  • Developed and taught hands-on psychotherapy training program for students
  • Mentored in Archetypal Breathwork as taught by the late Charles Bebeau, Ph.D.

B.A. — University of Wisconsin, Madison — Major in Communication Arts — emphasis in Psychology

Leadership Training

Hoofers Clubs — University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Elected two terms as President of Hoofer Outing Club
  • Organized and led dozens of Hoofer Ski Club trips and Hoofer Outing Club trips
  • Created and facilitated a Leader Training seminar
  • Hoofer Council Leader Training weekend retreats
  • Officer on Hoofer Council Board — 2 years

Mankind Project

  • Current:  Active participation in Men’s groups through MKP since 1995
  • New Warrior Adventure Training — 3 days
  • Inner King Training — 4 days
  • 11 times staffed — 4 days each for New Warrior Adventure Trainings
  • Basic Staff Development Training (BSDT) — 2 days
  • Leader Training I (LT1)
  • Leader Training II (LT2)
  • 2 Guts Training — 2 days each
  • Co-Facilitated two 12 Week I-Group trainings
  • Active participation in I-group meetings — 1995-present
  • Samauri Game — 1 day

Outward Bound — 23 day mountaineering course — Colorado mountains

Other Leadership Training

  • Landmark, Insight (see Western Group Approaches & Trainings)
  • Toastmasters, Boulder CO Speakers Association, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, IBI (see Business Organizations & Activities)
  • MSR, NVI, Ski Instructor (see Other Achievements)
Business Organizations & Activities

Toastmasters (active member — 2 years)
Colorado Speakers Association (active member  — 2 years)
Boulder Chamber of Commerce (active member  — 2 years)
Colorado Independent Publishers Association

  • (active member  — 2 years)
  • Two CIPA Colleges (4 day conference with workshops on Self-Publishing)

Excellence in Media Communication — 20 hour intensive
Marketability — Two day marketing seminar taught by Marketability, Inc.
Income Business International (IBI) — 9 Day MBA/ Free Enterprise Training
Boulder Focus Center — Participation in several focus groups

Western Group Approaches & Trainings

Self Acceptance Trainings — Madison, WI 1987-2004

  • 25+ open weekends (Friday night through Sunday)
  • 4-day professional training and 2 weekend professional trainings
  • 70+ individual sessions

P.A.I.R.S. — Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills — 6 month relationship course with weekly workshop and 6 weekend workshops

The Turning Point — 3 day transformation workshop by Marshal Sylver — Las Vegas

Avatar Course — Produced by Star’s Edge International

  • Avatar Section I — 5 full days
  • Avatar Section II — 22 full days
  • Avatar Section III — 4 full days

Non Violent Communication (NVC)

  • Weekend workshop
  • Weekly group attendance

Landmark Education Corporation — Large Group Awareness Training

  • Forum
  • Advanced Course
  • SELP
  • IFLP (10 weeks)
  • Production Supervisor Assistant for the Forum
  • Production Supervisor for the Advanced Course
  • Nine 10-week seminars
  • Various other volunteer experiences

Insight — Large Group Awareness Training — Level 1 Training — 7 full days

Change Modalities Explored and/or Learned
  • Bioenergetics
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Aspecting
  • Dialoguing
  • Shadow-work
  • Psychodrama
  • Jungian Analysis
  • Archetypal Psychotherapy
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Active Imagination
  • Archetypal & Transformational Breathwork
  • Self Acceptance Healing/ Hakomi
  • Tantric & Yogic Chakra Activations through breathe, sound, sacred spot healings
  • Gestalt
  • Feldenkrais
  • Rolfling
  • Massage
  • Hellerwork
  • Watsu
  • Trigger Point
  • Shiatsu
  • Acupuncture
  • Tui Na
  • EMDR
Other Achievements

Men Stopping Rape, Inc. (MSR) — Madison, WI

  • Foundational workshop
  • Facilitator training
  • Facilitated MSR workshops with fraternities and community wide

Non-Violent Intervention Training — Madison, WI

  • Participated in several workshops training
  • Facilitated and trained others in NVI

Dream Team — Dreams For Real — Madison, WI — Created, produced and facilitated two 12-week transformational courses

Come Home to Heart & Soul Retreats — CO — Created, produced and facilitated six 2 1/2 day transformational retreats

Boulder Weekly — Boulder, CO

  • Revamped and ran the Singles Personals Ad Section
  • Produced and directed singles’ events
  • Presented free talks on How To Catch Your True Partner in a Sea of Fish
  • Created and led workshops on How To Catch Your True Partner in a Sea of Fish

Ski Instructor — Keystone, CO

  • Placed 3rd out of over 700 ski instructors for most returning clients
  • 2 promotions in 1 year
  • PSIA certified in 1 year

Sales at American T.V. — Madison, WI — #2 salesman in department shortly after being hired

Eastern Approaches & Wisdom Traditions

Certified Tantra Educator  (C.T.E. through Source Tantra)

  • ISTA Level 1 & Level 2 Sexual Spiritual Shamanic Training by Baba Dez & ISTA facilitators (14 days)
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Tantra Teacher Training (Certified as a Tantra Educator) (22 days)
  • Muir’s 3 Day Beginner Workshop
  • Assisted twice at Muir’s 3 Day Beginner Workshop
  • Assisted at Ken & Sharon’s 4 Day Beginner-Intermediate Workshop
  • Muir’s 3 Day Intermediate Workshop
  • Baba Dez’s 3 Day Intermediate Workshop
  • Stepped into Daka role for dozens of women
  • Educated clients on Tantric practices
  • Attended dozens of Pujas


  • Current:  Core Power Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga — Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop
  • 50+ other teachers and 100’s of classes in various styles

Martial Arts

  • Current:  Oom Yung Doe (since 11/9/10)
  • Chung Moo Quan — 3 years
  • Shaolin Kung Fu — 2 different styles
  • Tai Chi
  • Chi Kung classes and workshops — taught by Ken Cohen

School of Metaphysics (SOM)

  • 2 years of weekly 3-hour classes
  • 2 years of monthly weekend retreats
  • Taught weekly class for 18 months


  • ISTA Level 1 & Level 2 Sexual Spiritual Shamanic Training by Baba Dez & ISTA facilitators (14 days)
  • Basic Course in Shamanism with Foundation for Shamanic Studies (F.S.S.)
  • Produced, facilitated and/or participated in dozens of drumming circles
  • Created, produced and 5x facilitated 2 1/2 day Shamanistic retreat
  • Attended several Soul Retrievals
  • Maori Healing — Santa Fe, NM

Naropa Institute

  • Two 3-day workshops with Malidoma Somé
  • 15+ Friday night lectures and other events


  • Attended Karma Dzong meditation instruction and meditations
  • OSHO dynamic meditations and workshops
  • Sat with Bodhisattvas
  • Attended other meditation schools, sat and received instruction

Sai Maa

  • Week long intensive — Vail, CO
  • One-on-one session with Sai Ma at her private residence — Crestone, CO
  • 2 days at Sai Ma’s Ashram — Crestone, CO
  • Meditations
  • Diksha
  • Other group events
Artistic Expression

Argentine Tango

  • 4 1/2+ years of intensive training — average 35 hours+/ week
  • 43 festivals across nation — each (40+ hours of dancing over 5 days)
  • Danced in 43 cites — U.S.
  • 16 National Tango Tours
  • 5 weeks in Buenos Aires with 125+ hrs. intensive instruction
  • Ran own milonga and classes — Denver, CO
  • Traveled nationally as visiting Tango instructor and DJ in dozens of communities
  • DJ’ed at 2 national festivals


  • Worked at UW- Madison Wisconsin Union craftshop 4 1/2 years
  • Created installation of 40+ sculptures
  • Sculpted dozens of pieces

Musician — Played saxophone 3 years, Piano 1 semester, Violin 1 semester

Multi-Media & Multi-Sensory

  • Created/ Photographed 347 slide, 26 min. computer controlled slide show
  • 1st Place Award for most creative and best media show in Illinois presented at Illinois State Conference on Education
  • Produced, filmed & edited mocumentary for U.W. Madison Hoofers Outing Club
  • Produced, filmed & edited wedding DVD
  • Designed several websites, brochures, business cards and other promo materials
  • Created atmospheric rooms using visual, audio, kinesthetic and olfactory effects 

Videographer & Grip

  • 1 year worked as freelance videographer and grip
  • Videotaped 14 weddings

My Passions

Where my time, energy and attention flow — merrily, enthusiastically, passionately…

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is my greatest mythical hero —  a Timelord that travels through time and space.  Dr. Who represents the ultimate wizard, the Universe’s most highly skilled magician where he alone creates solutions to paradoxes, complex conundrums and impending apocalypse.

He is the Universe’s best guardian of all life, defender for those who can not or will not defend against others that blatantly disregard the value and sacredness of life.

And he passionately enjoys the adventure and wonder, in his own words — “of having the privilege of seeing the whole of time and space.

I aspire and endeavor to become a fraction of his mythic greatness.

Argentine Tango

On October 20th, 2005 I took my first Argentine Tango class and realized I had stumbled upon one of my deepest passions.

I let Tango consume me, which resulted in an exclusive 5 year immersion where I: danced in 43 cities; traveled to 36 Tango festivals; DJ’ed and taught in dozens of cities; traveled on 16 national tours; and trained intensively for 5 weeks in Buenos Aires.

I blogged many of my experiences as I gained incredible insights into the motivations and desires of people as well as the interaction between genders.  Argentine Tango remains a deep passion to this day.

Deeper Truth & Paradox

Historically, I have gone for deeper truth in several areas of life.  I do not mean THE truth!  I don’t believe it is possible for THE TRUTH to exist.

However, it seems acquiring deeper truth involves gaining greater complexity and thereby simplicity, accuracy of information, explanation, relation, organicity, and evolution of other deeper truths.

Once I uncover deeper truth, invariably I discover a paradox which I solved.

Soulmate Akua

Akua (Talyaa Tamsen Liera) in Hawaiian means Spirit.  Akua inspires me to remember that I am a spiritual being having a human experience, magical and to live with greater sacredness.  She makes me a better man.

In the short time we have been together since November 26th 2010, we have gone through hell to survive hard challenges including stage 4c cancer with brain mets.  Through our rebel health program we reversed the course of cancer, got rid of most of the tumors including all in her brain, and strive to reach N.E.D. (no evidence of disease).

Every day I am grateful to witness this exquisite amazing soul expressing her Self, sharing her heart and living her life with me.  We are soul mates, life partners, lovers, best friends, confidantes and companions.

With Akua at my side, I am more alive than ever.

Interview Questions with Dave Donatiu

Why should I trust you to do good work?

I work to trust myself and accept myself.  This might be a hard thing for you to believe — that I probably accept you more than you accept yourself.  That is why you should trust me – the heck with my credentials.

I can help you trust yourself.   The deeper question you probably have is whether you can trust yourself, not whether you can trust me.  Isn’t that the biggest thing you want, to trust yourself and accept yourself?

Give me three reasons why you are able to do The Paradox Cure™ when other people can't?

One — I invested a massive amount of time, money and energy answering one question

I invested over $100,000 and thousands of hours answering one question since age 17 – “What drives all human healing, growth and transformation?”  This has been the main focus of my life since then.  Because I pursued that question, it sets me apart from almost everyone in my field — in a big way.

Two — I did not accept what anyone told me as truth

I did not accept what anyone told me as truth — just as part of the puzzle. Almost everyone is missing parts of the puzzle, from a few pieces to many. Many people in any field latch onto one thing, one modality, one way, etc that they think is awesome.  I have more pieces of the puzzle than many in my field.

Three — I am not afraid to make a fool of myself

I ask the questions that most people are afraid to ask.  Like, “why does xyz work when all other people say it does not?”  Or, “how can you justify saying this works when people superior to you in skill and experience say it does not work?”

I publicly question things as they are. I am a voice for people who are afraid to risk looking foolish, and ask the question that needs to be asked.

Four — I loathe wasting time and energy!

I have a fourth – I loathe wasting time and energy!  I have sought the most effective ways to heal, grow and transform — fast, effective lasting and meaningful.  I have always sought to learn how to fish instead of just being given the fish.  I look for the underlying process instead of just the content.  For example,  I didn’t want to memorize and learn 20 ways to change — I wanted to know how transformation works at its core so I can come up with over 200 ways to change.

Talk about a defining moment from your life.

I have so many — I used to categorize and track them.  The most defining moment of all was at age 17, my first spiritual awakening when I read a book by Richard Bach —  Illusions.

See, ever since I was young, I knew something way more interesting, beautiful and mysterious played out in life.  BUT no one mentioned this.  No one alluded to it.  No one talked about anything mysterious occurring.  Illusions affirmed and confirmed that what I sensed in the world was not my imagination, but a reality — human potential, beauty, unseen realities and magic.

I woke up to my life purpose, which has remained constant, consistent and clear to this day — to heal, grow and transform then inspire and aid others to do the same.  My secondary purpose came years later — to love and be loved.

Do you believe you created your purpose or were you given it? Tell me about your experience.

I did not create my purpose.  It became clear, like a veil lifting.  That’s the best way I can describe it.

I wasn’t actually excited by it.  I didn’t go “Yippee!”  In fact, I knew I would be lonely on this path — maybe I created the loneliness, but not the purpose.

I talked about the most defining moment of my life, at 17 when I read Illusions.  What happened in the following two weeks, give or take a week (hard to remember the exact timing of this), this book confirmed what no one else confirmed or talked about or alluded to — that, basically, WAY more is going on and most of us are oblivious to it.

The veil did not just lift from my purpose — the veil lifted on the world.  As I trusted myself and my inner knowing, I saw and experienced way more than I had before – unseen influences, synchronicities, signs, meaning.  Not meaning I made up, but inherent meaning from something other than this world — a sort of cosmic order.  At one point I was even okay with my death, which has only happened a few times ever.

Upon witnessing this veil lifting, it became scary as well as magnificent.  It was like I opened myself up to a lot of people who did not have good intentions, or who were just messy and chaotic in their life.  I attracted some of those people, but thank god, or thank whatever, I had an inherent sense of protecting myself.

Realize I felt alone and didn’t know who to trust, because no one was talking about this stuff.  Many people who I attracted that were talking about it, I could feel that they were off, and something was not okay.

I realize now that what I needed was a mystery school mentor.  Never got it.  I’m talking about the real deal mystery school mentor, like the character Socrates in the book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Do you believe that our purpose is to grow?

It is our natural state of being, though we cover it up with resistance.  Life yearns to grow and evolve.  That is the natural state of all life.  Evolution is the adaptation to an ever-changing environment.  Everything changes.  All life adapts to that change.  When life stops adapting, it dies.  Get the logic?

Why do you care about people's experience now?

I care because I invested a lot of time, energy and money screaming for help.  Not only did I NOT get much help, I hurt even more.  I kept throwing resources into people who said they could help me, but actually made it worse for me.

Though helping professionals are usually well-intentioned, often they do more harm than good.  And they SHOULD be way more effective.

Examples:  a nationally renowned yoga instructor who got a bunch of my time, money and energy but I kept hurting more as time went on.  Or with Pilates – they were part of the problem, not the solution.  I hurt while doing Pilates, and even more after.  Both the Yoga instructor and Pilates instructors said they could help me, but only hurt me more through their modality.

I NEEDED HELP BUT GOT HURT.  People said they could help and they didn’t.  Another prime example – the Alpine air purifier — it made me sick. I kept telling the salesperson how bad it was, but he just told me to turn down the setting.  I gave it back.  Now it is scientifically proven that the O3 it outputs is toxic to the human body.

First, I want to say f you to all the professionals who told me what I could not do, instead of inspiring me to go for it and giving me the proper tools to do it.  I still deal with day-to-day pain and low energy — I have to expend a lot of my resources on healing, healing I should have gotten 25 years ago!  What a waste of resources!

I don’t want my pain and hurt for all these years to be wasted.  I want my suffering to be worth something, to count.  I do not want others to waste their time, energy and money on things they desperately need and want — with well-intentioned people doing more harm than good and being considerably less effective than they could.

Almost all paths, tools and methodologies to personal change and development take WAY too much time, money and energy, rarely last and often are not even meaningful.  It does NOT take that much time, money or energy to make changes!!!

BOTTOM LINE:  The Paradox Cure is my answer to all the well-meaning people who tried to help but actually hurt me, and still try to help others but do not, or help in a far less effective manner than they could.

Do you have to be healed to be a healer?

No. No one is healed anyway.  As soon as you stop healing, you are stagnant.  You are dead.  You are no longer growing, evolving and changing.  All growth, healing and transformation is a form of change — any change involves a type of healing.  If you are not changing, you are not healing.  Healing is a natural state of our magnificent essence evolving us to greater potential.

Piercing Illusions – My Story Comes Full Circle

A Blue Feather Changed My Life

IN1983 a friend slipped a small book into my hands with a blue feather on its cover during junior year high school English class.  I devoured the book throughout my remaining classes that day, and read it a second time that night.

Little did I realize that this book would alter my life, becoming a cornerstone of my work in the world.

That book is Illusions by Richard Bach.  It tells a story of a man who meets a spiritual master, who teaches him that most things are illusion.  As they barnstorm flying throughout America’s midwest, the master pierces illusions of life by demonstrating how reality is not what it seems, but more what we make it.  More importantly, the Master shows that when we see through illusion, our lives become extraordinary and magical.

This book confirmed suspicions I had had for over 7 years that my world contained wonders beyond imagination.  Illusions affirmed what I knew in my bones was true – that life held great human potential, beauty and unseen realities.  The book compelled me to imagine what life would be if its words were even remotely true – magical, magnificent and full of wonderment!

First Spiritual Awakening

Reading Illusions sparked my first spiritual awakening where my life purpose unveiled itself to me, which to this day remains the same — to heal, grow and transform, and inspire and aid others to do the same.

After that first awakening over the next 2 decades, I devoured over 600 how-to books, learned dozens of therapeutic and change modalities, and invested well over $100,000 and 1,000’s of hours of personal growth work until 2003.

Uncovered Acceptance

In 2003 I uncovered what I had sought since age 17, from that day I read Illusionswhat underlies all personal healing, growth and transformation.  The answer – ACCEPTANCE.  From that point forth I gave up dozens of methodologies and approaches I had learned and simply facilitated my clients with what I now call The Paradox Cure – my unique approach based on Acceptance.

Within one session I could assist my clients to access their core wounds, blocks and issues that thwarted them from living their purpose with great personal POWER & HEALTH.  Now it takes less than 20 minutes.

Fired My Clients

I came to know I could not help anyone who did not help themselves. By the summer of 2005 I had grown resentful of clients that expected me to work harder than they did to make changes in their lives.  I decided to allow my therapy clients to only schedule their next session after they completed their homework.  I effectively fired those clients who did not actively participate in their own growth.  So ended my psychotherapy practice.

I believe most people unconsciously play victim roles. They don’t see, believe, imagine, or understand that they can change, because underlying the victim role in their psyche is a belief of worthlessness.  For more story read my blog entry “WORTHLESSNESS“.

Argentine Tango

After letting go of my psychotherapy practice, I expressed my passion of dancing through Argentine Tango.  On November 3rd, 2005 I took my second Tango class, and quickly let Tango consume me.  For over 5 years that is all I did,  35-70 hours a week including traveling to dance all over the U.S. and to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Personal Health Challenges

However, throughout my obsessed dancing years, as well as my entire life, another part of my story exerted itself – severe health challenges.  I experienced hell:

strong depression; spinal birth defects; 8 surgeries including 2 full hip replacements; debilitating injuries; genetic methylation defects; daily heavy metal poisoning; cognitive challenges resulting from my health condition; chronic acute pain; loss of ability to walk without severe pain for years; and low energy that thwarted my ability to stand on my own two feet financially for most of my adult life.

My future often only seemed to hold more pain, debilitation and limitation.

Turning Point to Rebel Health

A turning point in my personal health challenges suddenly came when I realized no one could change my health challenges no matter how many health practitioners I saw.  In effect, no one was going to save me.  At that point I chose to take full responsibility to educate and implement what I call “rebel health”.

Being a rebel is being defiant, disobedient, insubordinate, subversive, resistant, nonconformist, and a maverick.  I am all these things around health, because I break many rules of what supposed “experts” of health say is necessary for health or even a piece of the puzzle of what cultivates great health.

A Blue Feather That Pierces Illusions

Richard Bach’s book, Illusions, shares how a person can manifest most anything — starting with a blue feather.

I go beyond what many medical and alternative health professionals think health is about, and learned what I never got from most health experts – deep integrative knowledge of health.  This knowledge contributed greatly to how I helped my soulmate and life partner beat stage 4c cancer with brain metastasis.  Now I guide others to beat cancer.  Read more on beating cancer here with my program: Life Genesis Program™.

The Year of Living Cancerously

On July 28th, 2012 my soulmate and life partner, Akua, discovered she had stage 4c melanoma cancer.  I fervently researched and created a Radical Healing Program with Akua’s help to save her life based on THE PARADOX CURE.  It worked, yet it took a year before we fully reversed the cancer course.

In that time I felt the most hopeless I ever had in my life, and went through the hardest emotional and physical challenges ever to save my beloved’s life.  Meeting the challenge to beat cancer woke me up, my wake up call, to heal my health challenges and reverse the course of my own life of increasing debilitation.  I had to!  If not, my soulmate would have died.

I F***ed Through Walls

In that year of living cancerously I moved mountains and f****ed through walls.  I had to deal with harmful beliefs, advice and actions of many medical and alternative health professionals.

Through all of the health professionals’ limitations and their harmful advice (ex: do whole brain radiation immediately – tomorrow) and arrogant steadfast belief that Talyaa would die and we could not do anything to change that, and how most of what we were doing was worthless –  I dug a deep well of strength to follow my inner guidance, wisdom and my ability to refute mainstream beliefs and the limitations of so many individuals.

The Blue Feather Returns

The deep well I dug reconnected me to my original purpose to aid others to heal, grow and transform.  I realized from what I experienced in hospitals, doctors rooms, and online Facebook discussions that without piercing the illusions I readily saw, so many people would needlessly suffer and not get the healing, growth and transformation they sought and needed.

I knew that someone had to stand up and shout to the world that we are living in illusion – illusions that box people in their beliefs, and severely limit their lives without their knowledge.  AND some people are dying from cancer because they have not pierced illusions around their personal POWER & HEALTH.

Our world holds wonders beyond imagination, but to get to those wonders and live a magnificent life that most only dream of, one needs to pierce the grand illusions around us.  The blue feather had come full circle where I realized I need to pierce illusions.

Claimed My Personal Power & KNOWING

I had one last piece to claim to pierce illusions – my personal POWER.  No one was going to help me one bit to claim my personal power.  No teacher would come along and give me what the Reluctant Master in Illusions aided Richard in getting – his personal power.

The opposite happened at a 2 week experiential workshop, Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training, run by ISTA.  They made sure I understood no one was going to come along to give me what I wanted.  In fact, they threw my unconscious requests for help in my face, saying I needed to help myself.  They refused to help me, only facilitate me over and over again to take on my own power.  In fact, they made sure they were not my teachers, but only peers that facilitated.

Now, I stalk my personal power.  I ignite personal POWER and HEALTH in the world so people can live their PURPOSE.  This is my KNOWING, my purpose, my life.

Welcome to The Paradox Cure.

Raving Fans

from Clients to Customers, Participators to Pursuers

When you meet someone… there are times when you just know there is something about them. Dave Donatiu is one of those for me.

I did the first interview with him on my radio program, Abstract Illusion Radio and during this one, we touched on a bit of my issues about not speaking my truth, withholding my true power…and he suggested that if I was open to this, he would come on again and continue the process of acceptance. I agreed and what a wonderful, releasing time it has been.

Dave hit it right on with my issues and quickly assisted me in acknowledging my resistance about speaking my truth and the reasons for it.  Dave guided me through a realization process and opened myself up to a deeper sense of my power and speaking my truths.

It was an amazing show that has blessed me in a new beginning for my relationships…with myself and others.  Thank you Dave… for all you are and be.  Blessings and Peace

Jennifer Hillman, Host of Abstract Illusions Radio

You make me feel that I have shown kindness to a fellow human, sure wish more people could experience the incredible sense of satisfaction.

You appear to have a natural talent for calmly talking to people.  You demonstrate a sincere warmth and caring to make life easier for anyone willing to lend an ear.  I admire that and would love to apply encouragement for cultivation.

The world needs more people like you, if a kind word kindles the spirit within then so be it.

Victoria, Professional Speaker

Dave is without question a pioneer in his field of accessing greater human potential.

When I say “pioneer”, I am not so much talking about content, as much as practical application.  What is both unique and extremely timely about Dave is his gutsy ability to practically apply principles we have read, heard about and longed for in our daily lives for years, and ground them firmly in the present.  He is not interested in “someday” or “in the future”; he is very much focused on NOW.

In other words, his approach bridges the gap between what many of us have read and known about accessing our deepest potential in life, yet have never been able to actualize–and brings us firmly and resolutely into a vision of EXACTLY what these principles look, feel, smell, and taste like in our everyday existence.

He provides the tools to give us in a surprisingly short period of time (depending on our dedication) what we thought might take us a lifetime to achieve.

Dharce Greenwald, Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

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