Help Continue The Grand Love Story of Dave & Talyaa (Kahuna & Akua)

How Do I Ask for Help?

Especially when I need it so badly?

I am not that good at asking for help and I don’t know the best way to ask for help.  I have failed to ask for all the massive help I have needed to save my wife’s life.  And what I have written on this “ask for help” page had failed to attract the amount of donations we so need.

What I do know is that when I speak from my heart, my words mean more to people.

My wife’s life is at stake and I NEED HELP.  Below are my heartfelt words I have written on some Facebook status updates recently (with minimal corrections) that seem to capture what I need and want to say.

Dave Donatiu

Can also donate directly from your PayPal to my PayPal account –

I need help to save my WIFE’S LIFE – Talyaa Liera!


I have suffered mostly alone as I have been in action mode, fighting for my wife’s life for over 2 years. I hurt terribly at the thought of my soulmate suffering and her radiant light being extinguished – that I have been paralyzed to ask for all the vast help we need. I can’t go on without help.

Last night was the 2nd worst night of my life – second only to when I find out Talyaa had cancer 2 years ago. Yesterday I found out the extent of what we are up against now –2 recurring brain tumors previously radiated that are now very resistant to radiation.

The amazing news is that with our non-traditional efforts and help from many of you we eradicated almost all other tumors and no new ones have shown up – quite a feat that doctors told us we could not do. But now we HAVE to use hard-to-do, hard-to-get, and hard-to-afford treatments.


Share our Story

What we have done is fucking amazing! Hardly anyone achieves what we have. Tell our story. Shout it to the media. Ask us to speak. We want to let the world how it IS possible to beat cancer, and that there ARE other realistic options other than surgery, radiation and chemo.

Donate or Throw a Fundraiser

We wouldn’t have been able to make the progress we have and got the results without your donations. However, we need much more. We always have needed more, but I did not ask.

My friends tell me I need to be clear – out of everything you could give, money is what is going to make THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE in helping Talyaa live – buying functional diagnostic tests, more effective treatments, medicines, targeted supplements, professional services and the time for me to devote to doing everything it takes to help Talyaa.

Tell Me I’m Not Alone, and I’m Doing a Good Job

I am exhausted. I hurt. I am very scared. I suffer in pain daily with debilitating health challenges. I have become isolated over the past 2 years. I have given up so much, and have little I enjoy or look forward to. Kind words that I’m not alone here and that I am doing a good job would help me, and help Talyaa.

Tell Talyaa She is Worth Saving – That She is Needed and Wanted!

I think it would help her. It is devastating physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to go through what she is going through.

And she is worth saving, as many are. She has so much to share – her wisdom, her story, her life’s journey, her presence, her heart. She has been my greatest gift ever. I hope many of you get to experience some of her radiance.


LAST CHRISTMAS with my wife?

(Posted on FB 11/12/14)

Last night I had an emotional, intimate and nourishing evening with my wife & soulmate, Talyaa Liera. We pretended it was a snow day and took the late afternoon and evening off to watch a Christmas movie.

At one point we turned to each other acknowledging it felt like Christmas day. In the face of a ticking time bomb brain tumor, we became emotional realizing that if something happened before Christmas, we/I would remember this as a disturbing premonition.

In the face of cancer, almost every day I go through this – will I have another day with my beloved? Will I find her alive in the morning? Will this be the last birthday/ Halloween/ X-mas/ New Year’s…? This is not being dramatic – there is a real possibility of death – we have beat the odds by A LOT! A fraction of a percentage of people make it this far. There are no guarantees.

I share this not as a victim, or a complaint – but as a way to be intimate and share my journey – that even though we have a higher probability of death, some day, perhaps tomorrow, will be your last day or the last day of a loved one.

I have lived this reality for 2 years in my face. I do my best to remember every person I meet could be the last time. It changes my thoughts and actions. I hope to be kind, present and intimate with all of you.

AND for the record, CANCER sucks! The hell with any silver lining. My heart breaks for what my beloved goes through and endure every day…

GRATITUDE to help Talyaa beat CANCER & LIVE

(Posted on FB 11/7/14)

To those that sent us prayers, energy, supportive words, money, promises of future support – THANK YOU! Saving my wife’s life, Talyaa Liera, is a big f…ing deal!

My heart is breaking everyday that Talyaa hurts and I see the mountain we have to scale to beat the brain tumors. As I wrote earlier I have felt so alone, scared and isolated. Your outpouring of support has given me some strength to keep going, and ask for all that we need.

I am touched by so many that have reached out to us as well. Please keep the support coming. It is a HUGE mountain we are facing.

Love & Hugs to all…

Dave Donatiu

Ways to Donate

PAYPAL — give money via PayPal – by card or direct transfer (my PayPal account is

CHECK — write a check made out to Dave Donatiu  and send to:  2168 Carol View Dr. #311  Cardiff, CA 92007

BENEFIT — throw a benefit (example – Tango fundraiser)

AUCTION — send us something we can auction during silent auctions at benefits or sell on ebay

CONTRIBUTE — contribute some or all of your proceeds from an event, service or product you offer


NOTE:  All monies must go through my name (Dave Donatiu) and account to comply with state and federal guidelines regarding donations for Talyaa (Akua).

Talyaa and I are deeply grateful for your contribution, donation, energy or thoughts you send our way.  We know we are not on this journey alone, even though we have often felt great hopelessness and despair.  We know the difference community makes – we have found we can’t do this journey without so many of you.

Sometimes we are scared that we won’t have the help we desperately need, and often feel powerless in our struggle.  Yet the power we do have is to ask for help.

Thank You

This is our love story.  Please help us continue it.

Dave & Talyaa

Dave & Talyaa